The H.L.A. Hart Memorial Lecture

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The H.L.A. Hart Memorial Lecture is an annual lecture delivered in Oxford by a distinguished speaker. The lecture is named for H.L.A. Hart (1907-1992), who became Professor of Jurisprudence in Oxford in 1952 and was the author of the highly influential book The Concept of Law. The lecture takes place under the auspices of University College, Oxford, where Hart held his chair, and is supported by the Tanner Lectures Trust. Most of the Hart Lectures are published in the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies. More about H.L.A. Hart.

The H.L.A. Hart Lecture in Jurisprudence and Moral Philosophy

1985: Richard Wollheim, 'Crime, Punishment, and Pale Criminality'
1986: John Rawls, 'The Idea of an Overlapping Consensus'
1987: Bernard Williams, 'Voluntary Acts and Responsible Agents'
1988: Quentin Skinner, 'The Idea of the State' (unpublished)
1989: William J. Brennan Jr, 'Why Have a Bill of Rights?'
1990: T.M. Scanlon, 'The Aims and Authority of Moral Theory'
1991: Joel Feinberg, 'In Defence of Moral Rights'
1992: Tony Honoré, 'The Dependence of Morality On Law'

The H.L.A. Hart Memorial Lecture

1996: Thomas Nagel, 'Justice and Nature'
1998: Stephen Breyer, 'The Work of an American Constitutional Judge' (published as 'Judicial Review')
2002: Sir John Laws, 'Beyond Rights'
2006: Jules L. Coleman, 'The Internal Point of View' (published as 'Beyond the Separability Thesis')  
2010: Amartya Sen, 'Rights and Responsibility' (published as 'Rights, Laws, and Language')
2012: Christine Korsgaard, 'Kantian Ethics, Animals, and the Law'
2013: Will Kymlicka, 'Animals and the Frontiers of Citizenship' (published version with Sue Donaldson)
2016: Margaret Jane Radin, 'Contract Law in the Information Society'
2019: Rae Langton, 'Reimagining Free Speech'
2020: Due to the corona virus pandemic, the Hart Lecture was moved to 2021
2021: Due to the corona virus pandemic, the Hart Lecture has been postponed to 2022
2022: Sally Haslanger, 'Social Justice, Culture, and Law'
2023: Jeremy Waldron, TBD
2024: Anita Allen, TBD

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