Former graduate students

Some former graduate students working within our group who have gone on to hold academic posts around the world.


Michelle Madden Dempsey (DPhil 2007): Worcester College Oxford (fixed-term), then Villanova University (permanent)

Matthew Harding (DPhil 2007): University of Oxford (postdoc) then Melbourne University (permanent)

Amit Pundik (DPhil 2008): Hughes Hall, Cambridge (fixed-term) then Tel Aviv University (permanent)

Gregoire Webber (DPhil 2008) LSE (permanent track), then Queen’s University (Canada Research Chair, permanent)

François Tanguay-Renaud (DPhil 2008): Osgoode Hall Law School at York University, Toronto (permanent)

Richard Ekins (DPhil 2009): University of Auckland (permanent track), then University of Oxford (St John's, permanent track)

Noam Gur (DPhil 2009): Lincoln College, Oxford (postdoc), then Queen Mary University of London (permanent track)

Prince Saprai (DPhil 2009): University of Warwick (fixed term) then University College, London (permanent)

Jeff King (DPhil 2009): University of Oxford (Balliol, fixed- term), then University College, London (permanent)

Paul Yowell (DPhil 2010): University of Oxford (postdoc) then University of Oxford (Oriel, permanent track)

Kai Möller (DPhil 2010): Lincoln College, Oxford (postdoc) then London School of Economics (permanent)

Tarunabh Khaitan (DPhil 2010): Christ Church, Oxford (fixed- term) then University of Oxford (Wadham, permanent track)

David Winterton (DPhil 2011): University of New South Wales (permanent track)

James Goudkamp (DPhil 2011): Jesus & Balliol Colleges, Oxford (fixed-term) then University of Oxford (Keble, permanent)

Nigam Nugehalli (DPhil 2011): BPP University (permanent track) then Azim Premji University, Bengaluru (permanent track)

Patrick O'Brien (DPhil 2011): UCL Constitution Unit (contract staff) then London School of Economics (contract staff)

Farah Ahmed (DPhil 2011): Queen's College, Oxford (fixed term) then University of Melbourne (permanent track)

Luís Duarte D'Almeida (DPhil 2011): Churchill Coll, Cambridge (postdoc) then University of Edinburgh (permanent track)

James Edwards (DPhil 2011): Christ's Coll, Cambridge (fixed- term) then University of Oxford (Worcester, permanent track)

David Tomkins (DPhil 2012): University of Newcastle, Australia (permanent track)

Adam Perry (DPhil 2012): University of Aberdeen, then Queen Mary University of London, then University of Oxford (Brasenose) (all permanent track)

Robert Simpson (DPhil 2013): Monash University, Melbourne (permanent track)

Francisco Urbina (DPhil 2013): Princeton (postdoc) then Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (permanent track)

Shivprasad Swaminathan (DPhil 2013): O.P. JIndal Global University, Delhi (permanent track)

Paul McMahon (DPhil 2013), Harvard University (fixed term) then London School of Economics (permanent track)

Jesse Wall (DPhil 2013): Merton College, Oxford (postdoc) then University of Otago (permanent track)

Jonas-Sébastien Beaudry (DPhil 2014): McGill University (postdoc) then University of British Columbia (permanent track)

James Grant (DPhil 2014): University of Sheffield (permanent track) then King's College London (permanent track)

Benjamin Spagnolo (DPhil 2014): Christ Church, Oxford (fixed-term)

Kate Greasley (DPhil 2014): University College, Oxford (postdoc), then University College London (permanent track), then Hertford College, Oxford (permanent track)

Raquel Barradas de Freitas (DPhil 2014): European University Institute (postdoc), then University College London (contract staff), then Trinity College, Oxford (postdoc)

Thomas Adams (DPhil 2015): Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (post-doc), then University of Oxford (St Catherine's College, permanent)

Margreet Luth-Morgan (DPhil 2015) - Erasmus University Rotterdam (permanent track)

Alberto Pino Emhart (DPhil 2015) - Adolfo Ibanez University, Santiago, Chile (permanent track)

Peter Chau (DPhil 2015) - University of Hong Kong (permanent track)

Sylvia Rich (DPhil 2016) - University of Ottawa (permanent track)

Robert Mullins (DPhil 2017) - University of Queensland (Lecturer in Law)

Jonathan Turner (DPhil 2018) - The Queen’s College, Oxford (Career Development Fellow)

Samuel Williams (DPhil 2019) - King's College London (permanent track)

Joshua Pike (DPhil 2022): University of Warwick Law School (permanent track)

Crescente Molina (DPhil 2022): Rutgers University Camden Law School (tenure track)

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