Kate Greasley

Associate Professor of Law

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Hertford College


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Kate Greasley has been an Associate Professor of Law and Tutorial Fellow at Hertford College, Oxford, since 2018. Prior to this, she was a Lecturer in Law at University College London, and a Junior Research Fellow in Law at University College, Oxford. She completed her doctorate, about the law and ethics of abortion, at the University of Oxford in 2014. Kate's research interests span medical law and ethics, criminal law theory, feminist legal theory, and legal philosophy more broadly. To date, the topics she has written about include abortion, assisted dying, property rights in human body parts, the nature of sexual offences, and pornography and free speech. 

Her monograph, Arguments About Abortion: Personhood, Morality, and Law, was published by Oxford University Press in 2017.





Research Interests

Medical Law and Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Criminal Law, Applied Ethics, Feminist Legal Theory