Dr Greasley was appointed to the Stowell Junior Research Fellowship in Law at University College, Oxford, in October 2013.  Her research to date mainly focuses on medical law and bioethics, although she also has research interests in legal theory and criminal law.  Her doctoral dissertation concerned the law and ethics of abortion, with particular attention to the moral and legal status of the human foetus. Other topics she has written about include assisted dying, property rights in human body parts, and the commercialisation of organs.


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  • Greasley, 'The Right to Die and the Right to Help: R v Purdy and its Legacy' in J. Herring and J. Wall (eds), Landmark Cases in Medical Law (Hart Publishing 2015)
  • Greasley, 'A Legal Market in Organs: The Problem of Exploitation' (2014) 40 Journal of Medical Ethics 51
  • Greasley, Imogen Goold, Jonathan Herring and Loane Skene, Persons, Parts and Property: How Should we Regulate Tissue in the 21st Century? (Hart Publishing 2014)
  • Greasley, 'The Pearl of the Pro-Life Movement: Reflections on the Kermit Gosnell Controversy' (2014) 40 Journal of Medical Ethics 419
  • Greasley, 'Abortion and Regret' (2012) 38 Journal of Medical Ethics 705
  • Greasley, 'Medical Abortion and the Golden Rule of Statutory Interpretation' (2011) 19 Medical Law Review 314 [Case Note]
  • Greasley, 'A Negligent Blow to Children at Risk: MAK and RK v the United Kingdom' (2010) 73 Modern Law Review 1026 [Case Note]


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Medical Law and Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Criminal Law, Applied Ethics

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Jurisprudence, Medical Law and Ethics (FHS)

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