Highlights and Key Achievements of the Programme

Highlights of the Programme so far include:

November 2013 Visit by Oxford Dean of Law Professor Timothy Endicott to Yangon, to speak at Allen & Overy law conference at the University of Yangon

November 2013 Donation 5000 books to Yangon’s law library by the Bodleian Law Library

March 2014 University of Yangon senior staff visit Oxford, including the head of Yangon's Department of Law (Professor Khin Mar Yee) and a senior member of the Department (Dr Hnin Hnin Saw Hla Maung), to hold a series of meetings with Faculty of Law members.

May-June 2014 Visit to Yangon by Andrew McLeod (Project Coordinator) and Ruth Bird (Bodleian Law Librarian)

September 2014 Extended visit to Yangon by Professor Adrian Briggs – teaching at Yangon, Dagon and East Yangon universities.

November 2014 Visit to Yangon by Sandra Meredith (Teaching & Learning Officer, Faculty of Law) – teaching at Yangon on legal research

January 2015 Visit to Yangon by Ruth Bird – development aid for law library facilities

February 2015 Visit to Yangon by Professor Andrew Burrows. Andrew taught at Yangon, Dagon and East Yangon universities and also gave a lecture at the British Council.

March 2015 Writing of Private International Law in Myanmar book by Professor Adrian Briggs

April 2015 Law of the Law Programme as part of the Oxford-Mynamar day

September 2015 Visit to Yangon by Professor Briggs - teaching at Yangon University and data collection for contract law project


Key achievements of the Programme:

The first ever textbook on Private International Law in Myanmar written by Professor Adrian Briggs;

a path-breaking article ‘Understanding the Law of Contract in Myanmar’ by Professor Andrew Burrows, a version of which was presented at a practitioners’ seminar in Yangon in February 2015;

500 students trained across three law departments in core legal subjects (contract, tort, jurisprudence, conflict of laws and constitutional law) by Professor Andrew Burrows, Professor Adrian Briggs and Andrew McLeod;

50 law teachers trained in legal research methodology and use of legal databases by Ruth Bird and Sandra Meredith;

5000 volumes of law reports and law periodicals donated by the Bodleian Library with help from the Constitution Trust;

first listing and numbering of existing law books at Yangon, an essential preliminary step to facilitate future donations and to prepare a catalogue;

250 new textbooks, covering law, politics and geology, donated by Oxford University Press with assistance by the Law Programme;

10 major legal databases provided by the Electronic Information for Libraries initiative with advice by the Law Programme;

development of a growing network of academics, students and local and foreign legal practitioners, meeting regularly to discuss legal problems;

launch of an active research agenda in Yangon—including projects on contract law; the proposed Supreme Court of Myanmar, the ultimate appellate court; and the role of the Constitutional Tribunal—playing a key role in the country's transition.

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