5th Annual Conference of the Cape Town Convention Academic Project - Papers

Fifth Annual Conference - 2016

Please note: The draft conference papers on this site are for conference participants ONLY. Do not reproduce or cite without permission from the author. 


Tuesday 13th September


CTC in Europe: assessment of ratifications to date and implications of Brexit on the ratification by the UK

Kenneth Gray (Norton Rose Fulbright LLP)

Open discussion on a framework for economic assessment of the protocols


Comparative analysis of aircraft, rail and space international registries and their regulatory provisions

Rory McPhillips (Matheson), Howard Rosen (Rail Working Group), Souichirou Kozuka (Gakushuin University), Stuart Kennedy (Matheson)

The Case for a New Protocol to the Cape Town Convention Covering Security over Ships

Ole Boeger (Ministry of Justice (Germany))

Wednesday 14th September


The Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Protocol’s Insolvency Regime: A Case Study of Alternative A

Dean Gerber (Vedder Price), Donald Gray (Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP), Jeffrey Wool (Universities of Washington and Oxford, Aviation Working Group)

Open discussion on CTC and cross-border insolvency


Supplemental materials relating to the open discussion on CTC and cross-border insolvency


EU transport law and the railway protocol

Francois Davenne (OTIF)

Relationship between the European Union Railway Transport Law and the Railway Protocol

Sandie Calme (Paris Bar)