These seminars are open to Oxford research students and Faculty members working in international law as well as to visiting scholars. The seminars offer an opportunity for members of the Oxford PIL research community to present their work - at various stages - to fellow students and academics in a friendly and informal atmosphere. If students have a PIL component in their research, but are not on the research seminar mail list, please contact

During the COVID-19 health crisis, these seminars have been held remotely. However, Weeks 6-8 Trinity Term seminars will be hybrid and those who wish to attend the face to face seminar in the Old Library will need to register. Please note that due to current restrictions, there is a cap of 18. PIL research students who wish to participate remotely can continue to use the Trinity term zoom link.

These seminars are held weekly in term time, on Wednesday mornings from 09.30 to 10.30. Each week a researcher makes a brief presentation on the subject of his or her research and the topic is then opened for discussion. This is one of the liveliest and most searching forums for discussion of international law in the University, and is an excellent way of keeping up to date in the subject and honing analytical and presentation skills.

Trinity Term 2021:

Week 1: 28 April
Emilie McDonnell (DPhil)(Hertford College)
Protecting the Right to Leave in an Era of Externalised Migration Control

Week 2: 5 May - CANCELLED due to unforeseen circumstances

Week 3: 12 May
Xiaotian Yu (DPhil)(Wolfson)
A 'balanced' approach to the governing law clauses in international investment agreements

Week 4: 19 May
Konstantinos Giorkas (MPhil) (Wolfson College)
Jus ad bellum and International Human Rights Law: a Relation of Indifference?

Week 5: 26 May
Madelaine Clifford (MPhil)(Merton College)
Can the ICJ strengthen the international climate change regime?

Week 6: 2 June
Michal Karolak (MPhil)(Magdalen College)
The potential of domestically enacted foreign investment laws to domesticate and concretise international investment protection and strengthen domestic administrative justice.

Week 7: 9 June
Katie Johnston (DPhil)(Balliol College)
Changing the jus ad bellum: the impact of multiple norms from different sources of law on modification of the law on the use of force

Week 8: 16 June - Please note that this seminar will be from 9.00 - 10.45am
Navy students 

Hilary Term 2021:

Week 1: 20 January
Sharing the the Qualifying Test and Confirmation of Status process

Week 2: 27 January
Eva van der Marel (Postdoctoral research associate at Oxford University )
Evaluating market conditionality in fisheries: interactional law and global administration

Week 3: 3 February - CANCELLED

Week 4: 10 February
Ana Rocha Bernardino, Departmental Lecturer in Public International Law, University of Oxford
Going by the Book - What International Law Textbooks Teach Us Not to Know

Week 5: 17 February
Demi-Lee Franklin (DPhil PRS)(St Peter's College)
Clarifying the Role of the Rules on State Responsibility under General International Law within the Regime of the European Convention on Human Rights

Week 6: 24 February
Emmanuel Giakoumakis (DPhil PRS)(St Anthony)
Equitable considerations in the determination of compensation under customary international law 

Week 7: 3 March
Tsvetelina van Benthem (DPhil)(Merton College) 
Weapons systems, risk of unpredictable engagements and the law of armed conflict

Week 8: 10 March 
Mikayla Brier-Mills (MPhil)(Worcester College) 
Humane Treatment, Positive Obligations, and Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions of 1949

Michaelmas Term 2020:
Week 1 (14 October): Introduction - Welcoming session
1.  Gayathree Kalliyat Thazhathuveetil (Brasenose) (DPhil)
International Responsibility for Human Rights Violations by De Facto Regimes
2. Demi-Lee Franklin (St Peter's) (DPhil PRS)
State Responsibility Within the Regime of the European Convention on Human Rights: Deciphering the European Court of Human Right’s Approach to Attribution
3.  Ji Ma (Mansfield) (DPhil PRS)
Bridging Multinational Corporations' Investment-Environment Gap
Week 2 (21 October): Introduction - Welcoming session
1.  Danilo Barbosa Garrido Alves (St Hilda's) (DPhil PRS)
The Civil Liability of International Organisations for Human Rights Violation
2.  Michal Karolak (St Hugh's) (MPhil)
Public Interest in International Investment Arbitration
3.  Mikayla Brier-Mills (Worcester) (MPhil)
Does International 'Humanitarian’ and/or 'Human Rights' Law Regulate How States Treat Detained Terrorist Suspects to Ensure Adherence to the Humane Treatment Obligation in Common Article 3(1)(1)(a) of the Geneva Conventions of 1949
Week 3 (28 October)Introduction - Welcoming session 
1.   Madelaine Clifford (Merton) (MPhil)
The Role of the ICJ in the Development of International Climate Change Law
2.   Konstantinos Giorkas (Wolfson) (MPhil)
What do Individuals and International Human Rights Law have to Offer to the jus ad bellum System?
Week 4 (4 November) - Welcoming session
Elena Rizzo (Brasenose) (DPhil PRS)
Reconciling Investment Protection and the Objectives of Climate Change Regulations in Investor-State Arbitration

Week 5 (11 November)
Srijana Regmi (Lincoln) (MPhil)
Extraterritorial jurisdiction under the ECtHR: An analysis of the "public power" criterion'
Week 6 (18 November)
Anna Ventouratou (Wadham) (DPhil)
General Defences in International Adjudication
Week 7 (25 November) 
Eleni Methymaki (St Catherines) (DPhil)
Non-Adoption of Domestic Legislation as a Violation of the State’s International Obligations
Week 8 (2 December):
Sanya Samtani (DPhil),  Bonavero Institute of Human Rights
The Right of Access to Educational Material