These seminars are open to Oxford research students and Faculty members working in international law as well as to visiting scholars. The seminars offer an opportunity for members of the Oxford PIL research community to present their work - at various stages - to fellow students and academics in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Seminars are held weekly in term time, on Wednesday mornings from 09.30 to 10.30, in the Wharton Room in All Souls College. Each week a researcher makes a brief presentation on the subject of his or her research and the topic is then opened for discussion. This is one of the liveliest and most searching forums for discussion of international law in the University, and is an excellent way of keeping up to date in the subject and honing analytical and presentation skills.

Trinity Term 2019 Schedule:

Week 1: 1 May
Niki Panagis (DPhil)(AT): The Establishment of International Jurisdiction under Compromissory Clauses

Week 2: 8 May
Talita de Souza Dias (DPhil) (DA): The Principle of Fair Labelling in International Criminal Law

Week 3: 15 May
Daniel Franchini (DPhil)(AT): State Jurisdiction and the Implementation of International Responsibility

Week 4: 22 May
Hannes Jobstl (MPhil)(DA): War Crimes Before Insurgent Courts: The Legal Framework for Penal Proceedings Conducted by Non-State Armed Groups

Week 5: 29 May
Kris Xiaotian Yu (DPhil)(CR): Contracting Parties' Intention in the Interpretation of Investment Treaties

Week 6: 5 June
Callum Musto: The Proportionality Principle in Investment Arbitration: miracle or mirage?’

Week 7: 12 June
Eleni Methymaki  (DPhil) (CR/AT):  Domestic Law in International Adjudication and the Production of Binary Narratives: Revisiting Certain German Interests and Serbian/Brazilian Loans

Week 8: 19 June
Jack Kenny (DPhil) (CR/EP): Establishing State Responsibility for Cyber Operations

Hilary Term 2019

Week 1: 16 January
Xuan Shao (DPhil)(AT):The Role of General Principles of Law in Non-treaty Norms of International Investment Law

Week 2: 24 January
Benjamin Kyrill Nussberger (visiting student): Interstate Assistance to the Use of Force

Week 3: 30 January
Yulia Ioffe: (DPhil)(CC): Children and Asylum: Institutional Fragmentation of International Law

Week 4: 6 February - NB 2 hour session from 9.00 - 11.00am
This session is for Navy students.

Week 5: 13 February - NB 1.5 session from 9.30 - 11.00am
Jessup Moot team

Week 6: 20 February
Ndjodi Nndeunyema (DPhil)(S Fredman): An International Law Human RIght to Water? Evaluating the Crystallisation of Customary International Law and the (neglected) Role of General Principles of Law

Week 7: 27 February
Merel Alstein (Oxford University Press): How to Get Published

Week 8: 6 March
Sachintha Dias Mudalige (DPhil) (CR/AT): Operationalising the Responsibility of International Organisations through Domestic Courts

Michaelmas Term 2018 schedule:

Week 1: 10 October
INTRODUCTION - Welcoming session

Eleni Methymaki (DPhil)(CR/AT): Domestic Law Before International Courts and Tribunals: A Mapping Exercise
Hannes Jobstl (MPhil)(DA): Rebel Courts: The Legal Framework for the Administration Justice by Non-State Armed Groups
Xiaotian  (Kris) Yu (DPhil)(CR): Interpretation of International Investment Agreements from the Perspective of Contracting Parties

Week 2: 17 October

Introductory Session CONTINUED

Jack Kenny (DPhil)(EP/CR): Attribution in International Law with Particular Reference to Cyber Operations​
Xiao Mao (MPhil)(DS): (provisional) Impartiality of Judges at International Courts and Tribunals
Armi Bayot (DPhil)(AT): (Provisional): The vinculum juris in Peace Agreements: an analysis of the “bindingness” of peace agreements upon state parties
Zhuwei Yan (DPhil)(recognised student from CUPL in China): Maritime Delimitation

Week 3: 24 October
Brief Introduction: Afonso Seixas-nunes (DPhil): The Possibility and Accountability for the Deployment of Autonomous Weapon System under IHL
Anna Ventouratou (MPhil) (CR/MJ): General International Law Defences in International Adjudication

Week 4: 31 October
Eirini Fasia (MPhil) (CR/AT): Erga omnes Obligations and the Dispute Settlement System of The Law of the Sea Convention

Week 5: 7 November
Emilie McDonnell (MPhil)(MJ/CC): The Right to Leave in International Law: Securing the Human Rights and Agency of Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Other Migrants

Week 6: 14 November - 9.00 -11.00am 
Jessica Howley (DPhil)(DA): Countermeasures and Overlapping Individual and Interstate Claims in International Law
Katie Johnson (MSt) (DA): Derogation and the Scope of the jus cogens Norm in the jus ad bellum

Week 7: 21 November
Tsvetelina Van Benthem (MPhil) (DA): The Unpredictability Trap: Challenges to State Responsibility for Actions of Militarised Artificial Intelligence

Week 8: 28 November
Sotirios-Ioannis Lekkas (AT): Duality of Responsibility in International Law