These seminars are open to Oxford research students and Faculty members working in international law as well as to visiting scholars. The seminars offer an opportunity for members of the Oxford PIL research community to present their work - at various stages - to fellow students and academics in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Held on Wednesday mornings in term time, from 09.30 to 10.30 in the Wharton Room in All Souls College. Each week a researcher makes a brief presentation on the subject of his or her research and the topic is then opened for discussion. This is one of the liveliest and most searching forums for discussion of international law in the University, and is an excellent way of keeping up to date in the subject and of honing analytical skills.

Hilary Term 2017
HT Week 1Professor Catherine RedgwellThe challenges of interdisciplinary research
HT Week 2Natasha Holcroft-Emmess  
HT Week 3  
HT Week 4Joshua WabwireThe Place of Internal Case Law at the International Criminal Court: Interpreting Article 21 (2) of the Rome Statute
HT Week 5Odile AmmannThe Interpretation of Public International Law by Swiss Courts
HT Week 7Ruijun  DaiDo Bilateral Treaties Concluded by China apply to Hong Kong and Macau?
HT Week 8Patricia Jimenez Kwast 
MT 2016 
Wk 1 & 2WelcomeIntroduction and newcomers presentations
Week 3Zac VermeerThe Alleged Prohibition on Pro-Government Intervention in Civil Wars
Week 4Thomas LeiflanderInvestment Arbitration and EU State Aid Law 
Week 5Daniel FranchiniNon-recognition of State Immunity in Response to Internationally Wrongful Acts
Week 6Sotirios-Ioannis LekkasConcurrent Engagement of State and Individual Responsibility under International Law
Week 7Nikiforos PanagisInterpretation by the ECtHR of Rules of International Law Potentially Conflicting with Rights Protected under the ECHR
Week 8Yulia IoffeIntegration through Interpretation: an Obligation of the International Adjudicative and Norm-Setting Bodies to Interpret Treaties against the Background of International Law System

Papers presented in 2015-2016

Daniel Franchini, St Cross College : Non recognition of State immunity as a reaction to a prior wrongful act
Nikiforos Panagis, St Hilda's College : Review of domestic court decisions interpreting and applying international law by the ECtHR
Lauren Nishimura, St Edmund Hall : Climate change adaptation: Identifying, allocating, and fulfilling state duties
Ewan Smith, Lecturer in Law, Trinity College : Facts of State in the United Kingdom and the United States
Cathryn Costello, Professor of International Human Rights and Refugee Law and fellow of St Antony's College : Refugees as migrants: refugee mobility, recognition and rights
Miles Jackson, Departmental Lecturer in Law and Lecturer at St Peter’s College : Virtuous Accomplices: Complicity and Necessity in the Law of State Responsibility
Arden Rowell, Professor and University Scholar, University of Illinois & Josephine van Zeben, Fellow, Worcester College : Status quo bias in international law
Thomas Romailler, Mansfield College : Communitarian Obligations in International Law
Sotirios-Ioannis Lekkas, St Anne's College : Dual obligations in international law
Camilla Barker, St Cross College : Assessing affected State capacity in disaster situations
Merel Alstein, Oxford University Press : How to get published
Ryan Manton, Magdalen College : Necessity and state responsibility in International Law
Daniel Kaasik, St Cross College : International Dispute Settlement and non-bilateral obligations
Kate Mitchell, Magdalen College : The 'Right to Regulate' and the tyranny of phrases in international investment law
Callum Musto, Queen's College : States' Prescriptive jurisdiction and the 'police powers' doctrine
Matt Windsor, Junior Research Fellow, Hertford College : Cosigliere or conscience? The role of the government legal adviser in international law
Patricia Kwast, Lincoln College : Wrongful non-cooperation in international law
Ceren Zeynep Pirim, Academic visitor : State succession to international responsibility
Joanna Harrington, Oxford Institute for Ethics : UN Security Council working methods