Miles is a Departmental Lecturer in Law at the Faculty of Law and Lecturer at St Peter’s. His primary research interests are in international criminal law, general international law, and domestic criminal law. He is also interested in public law and human rights law more generally.

Miles holds MA and DPhil degrees from the University of Oxford and an LL.M. degree from Harvard Law School. His doctoral research, supported by a Rhodes Scholarship, was on complicity in international law and was recently published by Oxford University Press. He has published on issues such as how law should attribute responsibility for international crimes among a set of participants in that crime; how consent limits liability for on-field sporting violence; international criminal responsibility for anti-fertility research in Apartheid South Africa's chemical weapons programme; and how cases of complicity in torture fit within the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights.

He was previously the Global Justice Research Fellow at St Anne's College, University of Oxford, and convenor of the Oxford Transitional Justice Research Group. He has also clerked at the Constitutional Court of South Africa and International Court of Justice.

Miles teaches International Criminal Law, International Law and Armed Conflict, and Criminal Justice and Human Rights on the BCL at Oxford and Criminal Law and Constitutional Law at St Peter's. He has also taught Administrative Law and European Human Rights Law.

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  • MM Jackson, 'Crime and Sport' (2016) 133 South African Law Journal 271
  • MM Jackson, 'Freeing Soering: The ECHR, State Complicity in Torture, and Jurisdiction' (2016) European Journal of International Law (forthcoming)
  • MM Jackson, 'Regional Complementarity - The Rome Statute and Public International Law' (2016) Journal of International Criminal Justice (forthcoming)
  • MM Jackson, 'Isaacs and Vernon, Accountability for Collective Wrongdoing' (2011) 5 European Human Rights Law Review 626 [Review]
  • Giannini, Farbstein, Bent and MM Jackson (eds), Prosecuting Apartheid-Era Crimes? A South African Dialogue on Justice (Harvard University Press 2009)
  • MM Jackson, 'The Customary International Law Duty to Prosecute Crimes against Humanity: A New Framework' (2007) 16 Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law 117


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International Criminal Law, Public International Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, Transitional Justice

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Administrative Law, Criminal Law (Mods), Human Rights Law, International Criminal Law, International Law and Armed Conflict, Constitutional Law (Mods)

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