About us

Our Aims 

  • To promote scholarship on prisoners’ families through the development of a network of global researchers, the dissemination of research, and events  
  • To encourage and promote collaboration between scholars working in this field
  • To encourage, promote and develop work on prisoners’ families in the Global South  

Who we are 

Based at the Centre for Criminology at the University of Oxford, Global Prisoners’ Families is directed by Rachel Condry and Shona Minson, who work closely with an Advisory Group to pursue the aims as set out above. The network includes scholars, from countries across the world. See People to find out more about the network members.  

What we do  

Global Prisoners’ Families facilitates the promotion and development of prisoners’ families’ scholarship in a variety of ways:  


The website provides an overview of academic research within criminology and related disiciplines across the world. The Research section provides updates on projects taking place across the world  


The blog will showcase research, news and views of Prisoners’ Families’ scholars worldwide 


GPF hosts a network of global scholars in order to develop and encourage opportunities for events and collaborations to enhance the field of scholarship  

If you are involved in academic research on prisoners’ families and you would like to join the network, please email shona.minson@crim.ox.ac.uk with a short biography, contact details, a jpeg photograph for use on the website, and details of your academic post and institution.


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