Socio-Legal Discussion Group

The Socio-legal Discussion Group is one of several graduate-led discussion groups.

The Socio-Legal Discussion Group is a very informal event where students and researchers from different disciplines meet to discuss and present their work on issues relevant to law and society. Presentations cover a great variety of topics, methods, and geographical areas. In the past, we have had presentations from lawyers, policy researchers, anthropologists, sociologists, socio-legal researchers and others. What brings us together in this discussion group is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of law and law’s role in society.

Presenting your research in the Socio-Legal Discussion Group is an excellent opportunity to test ideas, get feedback from peers and researchers in an informal setting, and enter into conversation with scholars who look at law from interdisciplinary perspectives.

For further information, please contact the discussion group convenor, Caio Machado

Socio-Legal Discussion Group Archive:

Michaelmas 2021

Trinity 2021

Hilary 2021

Michaelmas 2020

Trinity 2020

Hilary 2020

Michaelmas 2019

Trinity Term 2019

Hilary Term 2019

Michaelmas Term 2018

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