SPARKS (Sustainable Procurement Applied Research and Knowledge Sharing): Net Zero Targets in Government Contracts

SPARKS is funded by grants from the John Fell Fund and the Oxford Policy Engagement Network (OPEN). We are seeking additional, longer-term funding and greater collaboration with academics and practitioners focused on sustainability and public procurement.

A SPARKS Net Zero Symposium is being planned for June, 2024. 

All are welcome to participate in the Oxford Procurement of Government Outcomes Club (Oxford POGO Club), which is an online peer learning network. 

Carbon reduction (Net Zero) targets now need to be implemented by governments at all levels. Insufficient attention has been paid to the challenges of implementing these targets, especially through public procurement. Facing major global challenges, governments have a huge lever in their direct control -- their spending through contracts. However, pulling this lever for broad social and environmental goals also involves unresolved issues of capacity, accountability, and governance. SPARKS aims to explore these issues in collaboration with academic partners and practitioners.