Teaching Observations

Passive Observation - Shadowing Tutorial 

For those tutoring for the first time, it is often helpful to shadow a tutorial session conducted by a more experienced tutor. While each tutor may adopt his or her own style of teaching, shadowing allows the tutor to gain a better understanding of the Oxford tutorial system. It is recommended for new tutors to approach the relevant subject convenor and inquire about the possibility of shadowing a tutorial session on the subject which they are due to teach. 

If tutors find it difficult to schedule a session they should contact the Teaching and Learning Advisor for assistance.


Active Observation – Lecture or Seminar

On request, it is possible for a Faculty member to arrange an observation of his or her lecture or seminar teaching, followed up by a feedback session. This facility is meant to provide an informal and friendly opportunity for lecturers to obtain third party feedback on their delivery methods and lecture or seminar planning. 

Ahead of the observation, you will be asked to email your observer the lecture plan and any hand-outs or slides you may use. In addition, it is advisable to engage in a pre-observation meeting in which you will be able to discuss the issues you would like the observer to look out for. Following the observation you will meet for feedback on the session, its content and organisation.

To arrange an observation, please contact the Faculty Teaching and Learning Advisor, who will appoint an experienced observer and coordinate the session.

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