The tax law and policy discussion group provides an informal forum for the discussion of tax law, tax policy and tax theory. We meet (face to face or online) a couple of times each term to discuss tax related papers from multiple perspectives, including doctrinal, economic, social, comparative and historical. The group offers an opportunity for visiting academics, Faculty members and graduate students to present their work - at various stages - to fellow students and academics.paul-tax

Anyone may join our mailing list by sending an email to Shreya Rao. Subscribers receive advance copies of the papers under discussion, but we otherwise keep emails to a minimum.  Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.If you would like to present a paper please contact the discussion group convenors. While we cannot commit to accepting all applications to speak, we welcome approaches from research students or early-career academics in addition to more experienced speakers.

For further information, please contact the discussion group convenors

Graduate Convenor: Shreya Rao

Senior Member: Tsilly Dagan

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June 1, 2023: Tax and Globalization: Towards a New Social Contract