Related Research on Artificial Intelligence around Oxford

Sandra Wachter of the Oxford Internet Institute works on Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Cyber Security Oxford brings together the dynamic and vibrant community of researchers and experts working on Cyber Security at the University of Oxford. The network links the wide variety of research and education activities across the University, and provides an easy point of contact for engagement.                            

Ariel Ezrachi of the Law Faculty conducts research on Artificial Intelligence and Collusion

Louise Gullifer and Jennifer Payne of the Law Faculty lead a project on Intermediation and Beyond - on distributed ledger technology (DLT)

Horst EidenmĂĽller of the Law Faculty conducts research on AI and B2C contracts , AI and Corporate Governance, Algorithmic Dispute Resolution and on AI and jurisprudence 

Jane Kaye and Nisha Shah of the Law Faculty have recently been awarded an ESRC grant with researchers at Osaka University on 'Ensuring the benefits of AI for All,' which will investigate stakeholders’ perceived impact of AI and explore engagement and involvement strategies for its implementation in healthcare.

Miranda Mourby and Jane Kaye are also involved in EU-STANDS4PM, helping to develop legal and ethical standards for in silico modelling in medicine across the EU. 

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