Adolescent to parent violence has remained underexplored and largely unarticulated within the fields of youth justice, domestic violence, policing, and criminology, particularly in the UK. It is sometimes referred to as ‘parent abuse’, ‘child-to-parent abuse’, ‘child-to-parent violence’ or ‘battered parent syndrome’.  

This website has developed from the ESRC-funded research project ‘Investigating Adolescent Violence towards Parents’ in order to share findings from the project and draws together knowledge and experience of APV from research, policy and practice.

As part of the project, two films were made about the research and its impact. The first details the development of the study and key findings and the second focuses on impact and how this was designed into the study from the beginning. Watch the films below or read more about the project.

NB. This site does not provide direct guidance or support for families experiencing APV; however the ‘useful links’ page provides links to other websites with information on this issue that you may find helpful.

Designing in Impact

'There is now a dialogue between practitioners and policymakers thinking about how best to respond to the problem.'

Investigating Adolescent to Parent Violence

'It first started just being verbal. Then it got violent physically...'