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Here is a list of resources that directly address the problem of APV. The following list provides links to organisations and programmes that may be useful sources of support or information.

Listing a programme or organisation does not imply endorsement – although some have assisted in our research others have been found online.

If you would like us to link to your programme or organisation please contact us.

Useful Resources for Practitioners

The directory below identifies some useful organisations from the private, statutory and voluntary sectors which offer further information and resources on APV and how to respond to it.

UK Organisations

24-hour national domestic violence helplines

Women’s Aid is the national charity working to end domestic violence by promoting the protection of abused women and children and supporting a range of national and local specialist domestic violence services.

  • England: 0808 200 0247
  • Northern Ireland: 028 9033 1818
  • Scotland: 0800 027 1234
  • Republic of Ireland: 1800 341 900
  • Wales – 0808 801 0800

Alternative Restoratives

A practitioner-run resource which aims to raise awareness about parent abuse and highlight restorative approaches to intervention. Also organises UK-based training and events for practitioners. For website please see here.

Holes in the Wall

A blog run by a professional social worker which provides updates on research, practice and policymaking developments. Please see here or also available on Twitter (@HelenBonnick).

Partnership Projects

A practitioner-run resource providing information and training in NVR for practitioners who wish to work with families with adolescents who behaving aggressively. For further details please visit the website here.


A membership association for domestic violence prevention programmes and integrated support services. The Young Peoples Services is a sub-site of which offers regular conferences and training for practitioners who are working with young people who use violence in close relationships (including against parents). For further information please see here or telephone 020 7549 0578.

Youth Justice Board

Web-paged outlining useful information and resources about adolescent-to-parent abuse, please see here.


International Organisations

Step-up: a counselling programme for teens who are violent at home (US)

Includes curriculum materials and resources for practitioners, and offers training for setting-up own ‘Step-Up’ programmes, please visit website here.

Eddie Gallaghers Webpages (Aus)

A comprehensive resource offering information for practitioners on training and workshops, advice and strategies for parents (including details of support services) and research papers and findings for researchers. For futher information please see here.

Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research (Aus)

A national organisation that offers a factsheet for parents on adolescent-to-parent abuse, featuring definitions, forms of abuse, experiences, strategies and advice, and further support numbers and weblinks, please see here.

Walking on Eggshells Resources (Aus)

An information booklet and fold up card offering support and advice to parents whose children are behaving violently and abusively. For more information click here.


Examples of local support services for parents and families

Support services across England and Wales are emerging all the time. The list below is not exhaustive, but it offers a directory of some of those organisations which you may want to refer families on to if they are based in the relevant local area.

Everybody Hurts

Support group set up and run by a mother who experienced abusive behaviour from her son. Also offers one-to-one support (North Derbyshire). For further details please visit their website here.

Break 4 Change

A 10 week intervention programme based in Brighton and Hove with parallel sessions for both the parent and young person. For further information please see here.

Hertfordshire Practical Parenting Project

Offers intensive one-to-one support for families, as well as telephone advice for parents experiencing adolescent-to-parent abuse (Hertfordshire). For further details please see here or telephone 01992 638000.

Parent Abuse and Reconciliation Service (PAARS)

Aims to raise public and professional awareness and empower parents and carers and offers both a local support service and a national online support service for families living with abusive adolescents (Enfield, London). For further information please visit the website here.

Rosalie Ryrie Foundation

Offers group or individual family sessions for families who are experiencing different forms of family violence, including ‘Stepping Up’ for families where adolescent-to-parent abuse is a feature (Wakefield). For further information please see here or telephone 01924 315140.

SAAIF (Stopping Aggression and Anti-social Behaviour in Families)

Multi-agency project that offers programmes for parents and families experiencing parent-to-adolescent abuse based on principles of functional family therapy (Colchester). For futher information please telephone 01206 562626 or visit the website here.


London-based domestic violence support organisation which has offers one-to-one support young people who are violent, and for parents whose children are abusive towards them. Also offers an information leaflet (Barnet, London). For further details please see here or telephone 020 7928 2322.

Family Lives

Although not specialising in parent abuse, this national charity offers support and advice for families needing help for all kinds of family issues. Includes parent workshops for managing conflict and developing communication skills (UK-wide). For further information please visit their website here or telephone 0800 800 2222.


RYPP (Respect Young People’s Programme) Providers – Contact Details for Referrers

Women Centre Calderdale

Tel: 01422 368501

Area – Halifax & Calderdale

Stronger Families

0151 443 4071

Area – Knowsley, Liverpool

Impact Family Services

0191 567 8282

Area – Sunderland & South Tyneside

IDAS – Independent Domestic Abuse Services

03000 110 110

Area – North Yorkshire

Stockport Youth Offending Service

0161 476 2876

Area – Stockport Borough


Dedicated Welsh Services

North Wales

Area: North Wales (including: Wrexham, Flintshire, Denbighshire YOS, Save the Family, In2Change (substance misuse)

Provider: Protagoras Consultants

Programmes: Changing Places (Healthy Relationships and alternatives to violence)

Boundaries (Sexually Harmful Behaviour)

This programme is designed specifically for YP age 13-19) who are at risk of or are engaging in abuse or violence within their close relationships. The programme includes specific scenarios and application to CPV/APV examples. It also includes tandem workshops for parents in order to start to develop better communication and non abusive ways to manage conflict for the whole family.

Area: Conwy

Provider: Relate Cymru (part of the families first project in Conwy).

Programmes: Under development

Area: Denbighshire

Service: North Denbighshire Domestic Abuse Service
Programme: One to one work with children and young people who acknowledge they are abusive to their parents or others in a close relationship. The model used to support the young people is the Respect toolkit.

Area: Wrexham

Service: Choose to Change (part of Relate Cymru)

Programme: The Changing Places programme

South Wales

Area: Cardiff

Service: Media Academy Cardiff

Programme: The Parallel lives programme


Summary of model of work used: Parallel Lives is a person centred programme that works with young people who have committed adolescent to parent violence and their family members in order to reduce the risk of further violence.

Area: Gwent

Service: Gwent Domestic Abuse Services

Programme: Service offers support to young people that are beginning to show controlling behaviour in their intimate relationships. This incorporates their own intimate relationships as well adolescent to parent violence.


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