AIDE Project: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare for All



AIDE Project:

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare for All: Towards Designing a Platform for Sustainable Stakeholder Engagement

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The Centre for Health, Law, and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX) has concluded its venture on a new ESRC-JST funded project to advise on the best practice of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare to ensure the benefits for all in the UK and Japan.

Professor Jane Kaye, Director of HeLEX in collaboration with Professor Beverley Yamamoto of Osaka University in Japan embarked on this 3-year project from January 2020, extended to December 2023. The inter-disciplinary team included researchers from social science, medicine, life science, and ethical and legal backgrounds.  

The programme of research adopted a mixed-methods approach and aimed to investigate effective strategies to support a platform for stakeholder engagement and involvement in the development and implementation of AI technologies in the healthcare settings. We identified and addressed challenges faced by the proliferation of these data driven technologies in healthcare and how they may affect patients, the public, healthcare professionals, and involved stakeholders. Alongside the empirical research, the project recruited a patient and public involvement panel to contribute to the project activities over the four year period.

The research  focused on:

  • What are the current and anticipated uses of AI technologies in treatment, diagnostic decision-making and precision medicine;
  • Understanding the issues that stakeholders perceive will influence the adoption and implementation of AI in healthcare;
  • Identifying the types of engagement mechanisms, safeguards and regulatory controls they would like to see in place; and
  • How to development a platform for engagement that can address issues of trust, responsibility, accountability and transparency, and influence normative practices in the implementation of AI technologies in healthcare.

Dissemination Events :

A series of online engagement events hosted by the Oxford University AIDE Project team, exploring public and professional attitudes towards the use of AI in healthcare have been successfully completed.
We held three online events to share our learnings about how AI technologies are being implemented in healthcare and to discuss what can be done to build trust during May and June 2023.
 The following topics were covered:
•     “Introduction to AI and healthcare…What’s going on?”
•     “Regulating AI in healthcare– What do the public think?”
•     “Ethics and AI – a public perspective”

Each event began with a short presentation from project researchers to update the participants on findings from the AIDE project over the last 3+ years. The workshops were joined by invited guests for specific topic insights for each event. Beyond reporting what we had found, we enjoyed discussing with the participants what should be done to build and sustain trust in the use of these new technologies. 
The second half of each meeting was our opportunity to respond to  questions and hear thoughts and opinions. In particular, we wanted to know how you’d like to learn about the use of AI in decision making and how your data might be used, and what options you’d like to have.

These events were recorded and have been edited to protect the identity of the participants and are now available as podcasts on the home page of the HeLEX site.

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