Project Publications

A list of the published papers from the BioGOV project is set out below. Many more are in the pipeline, and this page will be updated. 

Bicudo, E. (2019) Neuroimaging, software, and communication: the social code of computer code. London, Palgrave Macmillan.

Bicudo, E., Faulkner, A. and Li, P. (2020) Patents and the experimental space: social, legal and geographical dimensions of 3D bioprinting. International Review of Law, Computers & Technology.

Bicudo, E., Faulkner, A. and Li, P. (2020) Software, risks, and liabilities: ongoing and emergent issues in 3D bioprinting. Journal of Risk Research. 10.1080/13669877.2020.1848904

Bicudo, E., Faulkner, A. and Li, P. (2021) Digital readiness in 3D bioprinting: software, governance and hospitals’ proto-clinical interfaces. 16 Regenerative Medicine 3.

Li, P., Faulkner, A., and Medcalf, N. (2020) 3D bioprinting in a 2D regulatory landscape: gaps, uncertainties, and problems 12(1) Law, Innovation, and Technology. 

McKeown, A., Mourby, M., Harrison, P., and Harrison, S. (2021) Ethical Issues in Consent for the Reuse of Data in Health Data Platforms. 27 Science and Engineering Ethics 9. 

Mourby, M. (2020) Anonymity in EU Healthcare Law: Not an Alternative to Information Governance. Medical Law Review,

Mourby, M. and Morrison, M. (2020) Gene therapy regulation: could in-body editing fall through the net? Eur J Hum Genet 28, 979–981.

Morrison, M., Mourby, M., Bartlett, A., Bicudo, E. (2019) Reshaping the Landscape of Science and Medicine. Science Impact Ltd.

Morrison, M., Mourby, M., Gowans, H., Coy, S., and Kaye, J. (2020) Governance of research consortia: challenges of implementing Responsible Research and Innovation within Europe. 16 Life Sciences, Society and Policy 13.

Morrison, M. (2020) Commentary: Research using free text data in medical records could benefit from dynamic consent and other tools for responsible governance. Journal of Medical Ethics 46:380-381 http://10.1136/medethics-2020-106189

Morrison, M. (2021) Prospects for personalised medicine using advanced biological therapies. Open Access Government.

Stephens, P., Morrison, M., Martin, P., and Hogle L. Spatiotemporal readiness is key to preparing regenerative medicine for the clinic. (2021) 16 Regenerative Medicine 3.

Takashima, K., Morrison, M., Minari, J. (2021) Reflection on the enactment and impact of safety laws for regenerative medicine in Japan. Stem Cell Reports.

Umemera, M., Morrison, M. (2021) Comparative lessons in regenerative medicine readiness: learning from the UK and Japanese experience. 16 Regenerative Medicine 3.






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