Notes from the Field

Students conduct their fieldwork in various locations worldwide as part of their DPhil studies. Some students have gone to do research in countries such as Myanmar, India and Australia. Notes from the Field offers some reflections from current and past students, ranging on themes relevant to methodology, socio-legal studies and anthropology.

Notes from the Field: Blog Posts

 Shruti Iyer: On Learning to Drive

The photo shows the drive to the fieldsite - photo by Shruti Iyer









Aastha Prasad: Connecting the Past and Present - An Anecdote from the Dangs

Artwork by Aastha Prasad
The drawing depicts a Dangi woman cleaning in preparation for the rituals to honour the Pedi Dev (a family deity that consists of small silver plaques symbolising individual ancestors - artwork by Aastha Prasad.






Ellie Whittingdale: The Sublime of the Everyday - Moments of Disruption as Connection in Remote Interviews During Sensitive Research








Doing fieldwork on (nearly) your home turf has its advantages, however. Sometimes the things we're most familiar with are those we most take for granted, and the way law and policy are made in the UK is a good example. I had an opportunity to get behind the legislation and the headlines and find out what has driven changing ideas about human trafficking in the UK over the past fifteen years.          - Owain Johnstone