Stergios Aidinlis (St Cross)
Data Protection Law - Impact of new EU data protection regulations

Teresa Büchsel (Wolfson)
Procedures of Protection Status Attribution: The construction of bureaucratic identities in judicial asylum procedures - a Socio-Legal investigation

Elena Butti (St Cross)
Between Legal Protection and Lived Experiences: Children in Transitional Justice

Diana Dajer (Green Templeton)
Peacebuilding from the ground up: Collective action in Colombian transitional justice scenario

Simon Drugda (Wolfson)
Fama: The Face, Reputation, and Support of the Slovak Constitutional Court

Rebecca Elvin (University)
Judicial Vetting, Judicial Independence & Public Trust in Kenya and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Elham Fakhro (St Antony's)
From Regulation to Abolition: Understanding the Evolution of Legal Policy Towards Sex Work in Bahrain

Fernanda Farina (Lincoln)
From democracy to juristocracy: expansion of judicial power from the Brazilian perspective

Mikolaj Firlej (St Cross)
Regulating autonomous weapons​

Matilde Gawronski (Nuffield)
Mass atrocities in the global justice system: A comparative study of multiple narratives and legal personas

Cristina Golomoz (New)
The Role of Museum Professionals in the Protection and Administration of Culturally-valuable Objects: an Ethnography of French Patrimonie Practices

Ivo Gruev (Merton)
The limitations of the Bulgarian Constitutional Court with regard to the fundamental rights protection of citizens

Etienne Hanelt (Wolfson)
​Who becomes a Justice, When, and How?

Mark Haskew (Wolfson)
Following Libor: Financial benchmarks, law, and the government of economic life

Lisa Ko-En Hsin (Linacre)
​In Pursuit of Transparency: An Investigation into the Effectiveness and International Relevance of  the Modern Slavery Act 2015

Anneloes Hoff (St Antony's)
Local Voices in Colombian mining governance: An analysis of legal and non-legal public participation mechanisms

Busingye Kabumba
​Beyond legal pluralism: Analyzing the phenomenon of legal syncretism in contemporary Africa

Charlotte Kelly (Balliol)
A socio-legal exploration of legal transplantation in the field of children's rights laws in Indonesia and Singapore (late Colonial-modern day)

Sajjad Khoshroo (St Antony's)
Civil Compromise in Islamic Law: Case study of Islamic Finance and Women's Rights

Hiu Fai (Kelvin) Kwok (Wolfson)
​Leninist Antitrust: An Empirical Study of the Politics of Competition Law Enforcement in China

Felix-Anselm van Lier ​(Blackfriars)
An Ethnography of the Libyan Constituent Power

Angela Moore (Brasenose)
​The Impact of EU Accession on Refugee Rights in the Context of the Refugee and Migration Crisis in Europe: Raising Standards or Policing Borders?

Joäo Ilhão Moreira (St Cross)
​Cognitive and role biases in arbitral decision-making

Samuel Ruiz-Tagle (St Cross)
Rethinking the power of urban law in the production of space: Building neoliberal cities or steering sustainable development?

Alice Schneider (Christ Church)
The Right of Privacy: A Genealogy

Hannah Smith (St Cross)
Use and Governance of Data for Research

Jessica Steinberg (St Hilda's)
​The role of illegality in structuring the relations of cannabis entrepreneurs in America's legal economy 

Luke Svasti (Linacre)
​Understanding interpretations and failures of public regulatory law within large financial institutions in the context of socioeconomic differences

Stanislava Topouzova (St Cross)
Decision-making during Status Determination Proceedings in Bulgaria: The Discretion of Granting Asylum

​Sila Ulucay (St Antony's)
​A Comparative Study of Copyright Laws in Action in Everyday Turkey and Egypt

Dennis West (Green Templeton College)
​The Institutionalisation of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance in Organisations

Phillip Williams (Balliol)
​A complex and congested regulatory space; student protests and government's financing of higher education in South Africa

Ling Zhou (St Peter's)
Consumers' Access to Justice: Consumption and Complaint in Post-Mao China