Stergios Aidinlis (St Cross)
Data Protection Law - Impact of new EU data protection regulations

Varvara Andrianova (St Cross)
Perceptions of Institutions of Justice: Comparative Study in English and Russian Lower Courts

Teresa Buchsel (Wolfson)
Procedures of Protection Status Attribution: The construction of bureaucratic identities in judicial asylum procedures - a Socio-Legal investigation

Elena Butti (St Cross)
Between Legal Protection and Lived Experiences: Children in Transitional Justice

Arthur Choo (Wolfson)
A socio-legal analysis of North Korean Refugee Resettlement

Diana Dajer (Green Templeton)
Peacebuilding from the ground up: Collective action in Colombian transitional justice scenario

Rebecca Elvin (University)
Judicial Vetting, Judicial Independence & Public Trust in Kenya and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Elham Fakhro (St Antony's)
From Regulation to Abolition: Understanding the Evolution of Legal Policy Towards Sex Work in Bahrain

Fernanda Farina (Lincoln)
From democracy to juristocracy: expansion of judicial power from the Brazilian perspective

Mikolaj Firlej (St Cross)

Matilde Gawronski (Nuffield)
Mass atrocities in the global justice system: A comparative study of multiple narratives and legal personas

Cristina Golomoz (New)
The Role of Museum Professionals in the Protection and Administration of Culturally-valuable Objects: an Ethnography of French Patrimonie Practices

Andres Gonzalez-Watty (Wolfson)
The Quest for Accountability of Transnational Regulatory Networks: The Case of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

Ivo Gruev (Merton)
The limitations of the Bulgarian Constitutional Court with regard to the fundamental rights protection of citizens

Mark Haskew (Wolfson)
Libor and other legal fictions: a difficult relationship with truth?

Anneloes Hoff (St Antony's)
Local Voices in Colombian mining governance: An analysis of legal and non-legal public participation mechanisms

Friso Jansen (St Anne's)
Medical Guidelines in Healthcare Systems in England and the Netherlands

Owain Johnstone (Christ Church)
Constructing Human Trafficking as a Social Problem: Definitions and Solutions

Michael Kebede (St Cross)
Misrecognition in Recognition: Islam in the Ethiopian State

Charlotte Kelly (Balliol)
A socio-legal exploration of legal transplantation in the field of children's rights laws in Indonesia and Singapore (late Colonial-modern day)

Sajjad Khoshroo (St Antony's)
Civil Compromise in Islamic Law: Case study of Islamic Finance and Women's Rights

David Kwok (St Cross)
Underworld Justice in Imperial China and its Continuing Influence in Hong Kong

Heather McRobie (Wolfson)
Legal Mosaics: The Post-Mubarak Egyptian Constitutions, their Legal Legacies and Constitutional Heritages

Madhavi Ramankutty (Oriel)
The Social and Political Foundations of European Human Rights Jurisprudence: Contextualizing the contemporary relationship between the Council of Europe and the European Union

Pedro Rubim Borges Fortes (St Hilda's)
Collective Action in a Comparative and Empirical Perspective: Toward a Socio Legal Theory

Alice Schneider (Christ Church)
The Right of Privacy: A Genealogy

Katarina Sipulova (St Antony's)
The role of constitutional courts in decomunization process in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Hannah Smith (St Cross)
Use and Governance of Data for Research

Claire Stockwell (Linacre)
Judging Carbon: The Significance of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Litigation

Stanislava Topouzova (St Cross)
Decision-making during Status Determination Proceedings in Bulgaria: The Discretion of Granting Asylum

Felix-Anselm van Lier (Blackfriars)
An Ethnography of the Libyan Constituent Power

Ling Zhou (St Peter's)
Consumers' Access to Justice: Consumption and Complaint in Post-Mao China

João Ilhão Moreira (Linacre)

Regulation of international commercial arbitration