Stergios Aidinlis (St Cross)
Data Protection Law - Impact of new EU data protection regulations

Teresa Büchsel (Wolfson)
Procedures of Protection Status Attribution: The construction of bureaucratic identities in judicial asylum procedures - a Socio-Legal investigation

Elena Butti (St Cross)
Between Legal Protection and Lived Experiences: Children in Transitional Justice

​Rangga Dachlan (Exeter)
Cultural Heritage in the Indonesian Context

Diana Dajer (Green Templeton)
Peacebuilding from the ground up: Collective action in Colombian transitional justice scenario

Gabriel Darin (St Cross)
​Characterising the Environment: How legal procedures frame the appropriation of a 'given type of site'

Nicholas Dillon (St Cross)
​Pounds, Privacy, Dollars and Data: Regulating to protect privacy in a data hungry world

Fernanda Farina (Lincoln)
From democracy to juristocracy: expansion of judicial power from the Brazilian perspective

Mikolaj Firlej (St Cross)
Regulating autonomous weapons​

Matilde Gawronski (Nuffield)
Mass atrocities in the global justice system: A comparative study of multiple narratives and legal personas

Ivo Gruev (Merton)
The limitations of the Bulgarian Constitutional Court with regard to the fundamental rights protection of citizens

Etienne Hanelt (Wolfson)
The Costs of Judicial Authority and the Politics of Interference

Mark Haskew (Wolfson)
Following Libor: Financial benchmarks, law, and the government of economic life

Lisa Ko-En Hsin (Linacre)
​In Pursuit of Transparency: An Investigation into the Effectiveness and International Relevance of  the Modern Slavery Act 2015

Anneloes Hoff (St Antony's)
Local Voices in Colombian mining governance: An analysis of legal and non-legal public participation mechanisms

Alvin Hung (Lady Margaret Hall)
​Developing Corporate Sustainability of Foreign Direct Investment: A Study through the Lens of Legal Culture of Chinese Private Enterprises in Myanmar

Busingye Kabumba (Exeter)
​Beyond legal pluralism: Analyzing the phenomenon of legal syncretism in contemporary Africa

Charlotte Kelly (Balliol)
A socio-legal exploration of legal transplantation in the field of children's rights laws in Indonesia and Singapore (late Colonial-modern day)

Victoria McCloud (Green Templeton)
​Social and socio-legal responses to Big Data and to Artificially Intelligent technologies which make decisions affecting people and communites

Angela Moore (Brasenose)
​The Impact of EU Accession on Refugee Rights in the Context of the Refugee and Migration Crisis in Europe: Raising Standards or Policing Borders?

Joäo Ilhão Moreira (St Cross)
​Cognitive and role biases in arbitral decision-making

Samuel Ruiz-Tagle (St Cross)
Rethinking the power of urban law in the production of space: Building neoliberal cities or steering sustainable development?

Alice Schneider (Christ Church)
The Right of Privacy: A Genealogy

Toby Shevlane (Exeter)
​Regulating for the responsible development of artificial intelligence

Hannah Smith (St Cross)
Use and Governance of Data for Research

Jessica Steinberg (St Hilda's)
​The role of illegality in structuring the relations of cannabis entrepreneurs in America's legal economy 

Luke Svasti (Linacre)
​Understanding interpretations and failures of public regulatory law within large financial institutions in the context of socioeconomic differences

Stanislava Topouzova (St Cross)
Decision-making during Status Determination Proceedings in Bulgaria: The Discretion of Granting Asylum

​Sila Ulucay (St Antony's)
​A Comparative Study of Copyright Laws in Action in Everyday Turkey and Egypt

​Juliette Vani (Queens)
​Narrative Perspective on Social Biases in Verdicts: the Role of the Common Sense Legal Criterion in Fact-Finding

Dennis West (Green Templeton College)
​The Institutionalisation of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance in Organisations

Phillip Williams (Balliol)
​A complex and congested regulatory space; student protests and government's financing of higher education in South Africa