Selina Abächerli (Lincoln)
Good Law: An Anthropological Analysis of Debates about Legislative Standards in the UK

Stergios Aidinlis (St Cross)
Regulating Administrative Data Sharing for Research in the British Public Sector

Kara Apland (Balliol)
The limits of legal protection: A study of the influence of law on adolescent sexuality in Nepal

James Campbell (Wolfson)
The Laws of Motion: Towards a Sensational Jurisprudence of Movement within the Court

​Rangga Dachlan (Exeter)
Legally-Defined Culture: Deconstructing Indonesian Heritage

Ana Carolina Dall'Agnol (Wolfson)
Foreign Direct Investment and the Role of the Law: the Cases of Angola and Mozambique

Diana Dajer (Green Templeton)
Routes to Conflict Prevention: An Analysis of the Influence of Medellin's Participatory Budgeteting Process on Political Inclusion

Fernanda Farina (Lincoln)
Trusting Judges: A Socio-Legal Inquiry about Access to Litigation via Health Care in Brazil

Mikolaj Firlej (St Cross)
Regulating autonomous weapons​

Ivo Gruev (Merton)
The limitations of the Bulgarian Constitutional Court with regard to the fundamental rights protection of citizens

Etienne Hanelt (Wolfson)
The Costs of Judicial Authority and the Politics of Interference

Mark Haskew (Wolfson)
Following Libor: Financial benchmarks, law, and the government of economic life

Lisa Ko-En Hsin (Linacre)
​In Pursuit of Transparency: An Investigation into the Effectiveness and International Relevance of  the Modern Slavery Act 2015

Alvin Hung (Lady Margaret Hall)
​Exploring Intercultural Disputes through the Lens of Legal Culture: A Case Study of Chinese Private Enterprises in Myanmar

Shruti Iyer (St Antony's)
Silicosis and the State: Reframing Contestations between Capital and Labour in Contemporary India

Kelsea Jeon (Wolfson)
Legal Aid Without Lawyers: How Boston's Nonlawyers Delivered and Shaped Justice for the Poor, 1878 - 1921

Lama Karame (Exeter)
Age and the Law: A Critical Approach to Ageing under Legal Pluralism

Charlotte Kelly (Balliol)
Exploring the drivers of change of the legislative boundaries between girlhood and womenhood in Singapore and Malaysia between 1955 and 2015

Israr Khan (Regent's Park)
The Belt and Road Initiative: Protecting the Unprotected through Regulations

Anna Loebbert (Lincoln)
Denying the State through Law

Amanda Lindstrom (St Antony's)
Business, Politics and Law: Socio-Legal Aspects of Global Health Governance and Supply Chain Due Diligence

Caio Machado (Wolfson)
Scientific Disinformation and the Public Sphere in Brazil: How pseudo-science impairs democracy 

Victoria McCloud (Green Templeton)
​Social and socio-legal responses to Big Data and to Artificially Intelligent technologies which make decisions affecting people and communites

Angela Moore (Brasenose)
​The Impact of EU Accession on Refugee Rights in the Context of the Refugee and Migration Crisis in Europe: Raising Standards or Policing Borders?

Joäo Ilhão Moreira (St Cross)
​Cognitive and role biases in arbitral decision-making

Aastha Prasad (Green Templeton) 
From Colonialism to Late Capitalism - Trajectories of 'Customary Law' Among Tribes in Western India

Deborah Rabinovich (Regent's Park)
Mobilizing Transitional Justice in Consolidated Democracy: The Realization of Federal Restorative Systems in the United States

Samuel Ruiz-Tagle (St Cross)
The Urban Constitution

Toby Shevlane (Exeter)
​Regulating for the responsible development of artificial intelligence

Hannah Smith (St Cross)
Exploring Divergences between Legal Approaches and Citizens' Attitutudes towards the Reuse of Administrative Data in Social Science Research

Jessica Steinberg (St Hilda's)
​A global paradigm shfift: the influence of commercial cannabis in the process of law reform

Zhanna Ter-Zakaryan (St. Antony's)
Decolonising Collections? The Benin Artefacts in British Museums

Nína Þorkelsdóttir (Keble)
The Role of ICTs in Access to Justice amongst Asylum Seekers in Iceland

Stanislava Topouzova (St Cross)
Decision-making during Status Determination Proceedings in Bulgaria: The Discretion of Granting Asylum

Sila Ulucay (St Antony's)
​A Comparative Study of Copyright Laws in Action in Everyday Turkey and Egypt

Dennis West (Green Templeton College)
​The Institutionalisation of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance in Organisations

Eleanor Whittingdale (Lady Margaret Hall)
When law comes to life: Narratives of Sexual Violence Beyond the Courtroom

Phillip Williams (Balliol)
​Radical Spectacles and Insurgent Citizenship: Destabilising the Regulatory Space of South African University Fees