Access to civil and administrative justice

This cluster focuses on the socio-legal dynamics of civil justice disputes and the role that the state and private organisations plays in their resolution.  More specifically researchers in this cluster are interested in lived experiences of legal process in a number of different jurisdictions. These include constitutional and appellate courts, tribunals, ombuds services, complaints procedure and administrative decision making.  Researchers share an interest in the use of a variety of dispute resolution methods such as adjudication, mediation, and negotiation as well as the settings in which dispute resolution takes place. Drawing on a range of disciplinary perspectives members of this group also share an interest in the links between individual redress and the collective need for change in response to legal claims, complaints and other expressions of grievances.  This interest in systemic change means that the projects of some members in this cluster overlaps with the regulation cluster. The access to civil and administrative justice cluster has received funding for its projects from the NHS, University of Oxford John Fell Fund and European Justice Forum.  It is led by Chris Hodges and Linda Mulcahy.

Staff associated with this cluster

Chris Hodges, Linda Mulcahy, Marina Kurkchiyan, Fernanda Pirie, Chris Decker, Sonia Macleod, Anna Tsalapatanis, Charmaine ColeWend Teeder, Dvora Liberman.

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