EBR Events

Professor Hodges spoke on EBR at the European Commission’s conference in Brussels on 'Single Market for Products: Fresh ideas to unleash the full potential' on 17 June 2016. A video recording of the conference is available. 

Hodges has spoken on EBR at conferences across the world, including: Scottish Government meetings of the Nuisance Calls Commission in January 2017; at the Singapore Civil Service College; at the Canadian Community of Federal Regulators’ annual conference in December 2018;

A Conference was held in Oxford on 4 May 2018: http://www.fljs.org/content/policymakers-business-leaders-and-regulators-assess-shift-deterrence-values-based-ethical

Professor Hodges was keynote speaker at the Annual Forum 2018 of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in Sydney on 20 March 2018.
​Photo: Professor Christopher Hodges and James Shipton, Chairman of ASIC

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