A paper summarising the evidence was published by the UK Department for Business Innovation & Skills in 2016: C Hodges, Ethical Business Regulation: Understanding the Evidence (Department for Business Innovation & Skills, Better Regulation Delivery Office, 2016).  Copies of that paper in GermanItalian and Spanish, are available.

The Scottish Government approved of the approach in its 2016 competition and consumer protection policy and as part of their 'fair Scotland' policy in the December 2016 competition and consumer policy .

The Committee on Standards in Public Life strongly supported the EBR policy in its 2016 report on ethics in regulators Striking the Balance. Upholding the Seven Principles of Public Life in Regulation; see especially pages 62, 69-70, and Prof Hodges' paper commissioned by the Committee.

A Foundation for Law Society and Justice Policy Brief is available: Ethical Business Regulation: Growing Empirical Evidence 

The work has been cited in the European Commission’s July 2016 report on innovation, Opportunity now: Europe’s mission to innovate.

The Ethical Business Regulation approach has been described with approval in chapter 6 of the 2016 draft UNCTAD Manual on Consumer Protection. Chapter 11 on consumer redress, which was largely written by Prof Hodges, supports regulatory redress and ombudsmen.

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