Lived Experiences of Human Rights

There has been an explosion of interest in human rights in recent decades which has transformed the way in which law is taught and practiced.

Drawing on its strengths in grounded approaches to the study of law in action and social science methodology the human rights cluster focuses on lived experiences of human rights. 

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In doing so, our work draws attention to the local implications of this international movement and the frequent gaps between the rhetoric of international conventions and the reality of everyday experiences of accessing those rights.  Researchers in this cluster have a particular interest in the relationship between due process and the design of justice facilities, modern slavery, the rights of indigenous peoples, digital rights and the right to be forgotten.  The people involved in this cluster work closely with colleagues from the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights and the Oxford Human Rights Hub.  A particularly fruitful outcome of this collaboration is joint supervision of research students. This cluster is currently led by Linda Mulcahy.

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