Funded by UKRI, the CO2RE conduct research on Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR)to create a balanced portfolio of economically, socially and environmentally scalable GGR options, with associated policy design, engagement and outreach. Backed by seven institutions and led by the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at the University of Oxford, this is the largest GGR programme funded by the UK government to date. 

Professor Sanja Bogojevic is co-leading the legal investigations on Governance, Legal & Ethical Factors for CO2RE.

Mr Luka Štrubelj is the Research Associate on Governance, Legal & Ethical Factors for CO2RE. Examining the legal treatment of biogenic greenhouse gas removals, with particular emphasis on the interconnectedness between law, monitoring, reporting, and verification components of greenhouse gas removals.

Research carried out will deliver a method for evaluating the climate impact of GGR projects and produce stable and durable legal frameworks for deployment and investment as well as clarity on liability and responsibility.

Legal frameworks will address questions such as: who bears responsibility – the state, the GGR operator, or both; the standard of liability (negligence, strict or absolute); and whether liability is limited, for example to a financial maximum, creating an insurable risk. It must address what the loss and damage is and who may claim on this. It will also consider the ethical, financial and institutional implications.

This will enable the UK to lead internationally on achieving global net–zero emissions, consistent with the Paris Agreement.

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