Luka Štrubelj

Research Fellow in Environmental Law


Luka Štrubelj is a Research Fellow in Environmental Law who is actively involved in the CO2RE Hub, where he contributes by researching the governance, legal, and ethical aspects of greenhouse gas removals.

Luka completed his undergraduate legal degree at the Ljubljana Law Faculty, University of Ljubljana. During his studies, he had the opportunity to visit the Leiden Law Faculty, where he focused on examining the regulatory treatment of novel technologies. Alongside his educational pursuits, Luka actively participated in multiple research projects at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, and gained valuable experience working in legal practice as an in-house lawyer. To further enhance his expertise, he pursued an LLM in Law at the Edinburgh School of Law, University of Edinburgh.

While studying at the University of Edinburgh, Luka developed a keen interest in the European Union's regulatory approach to biochar. This interest fueled his exploration of waste law and the complex legal frameworks governing greenhouse gas removals. Currently, as part of CO2RE Hub, Luka's primary focus revolves around examining the legal treatment of biogenic greenhouse gas removals, with particular emphasis on the interconnectedness between law, and monitoring, reporting, and verification components of greenhouse gas removals.

Research Interests

Regulation of greenhouse gas removals.

Research projects & programmes