The Guardian, 3/11/2013 ‘Lack of support for parents who live in fear of their teenagers, study shows’Alexandra Topping

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The Independent, 14/11/2013,  p.41, ‘What’s Behind the Alarming Rise of Physical Assaults on Parents by their Offspring’, Rosie Millard

The Times, 2/12/13 ‘The hidden scourge of child-to-parent violence’, Candida Crewe



Today Programme, Radio 4  27/4/13

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Jack FM  7/11/2013

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Kat Orman, BBC Radio Oxford  13/11/2013

Nima Sherpa Green, Russian World Service UK Bureau 28/11/3 Child to parent violence: “a constant battle with no-one to turn to”



BBC London 1 News 4/11/2013





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