Press Release

Prof. Dr Livia Holden leads a project funded by Global Challenges Research Funds, UK. Research partnership in Pakistan: Law and Justice Commission Pakistan, Dr Humaira Shafi (Mufti Law & Associates), Advocate Syed Riaz. Research partnership in Indonesia: Prof. Dr Euis Nurlaelawati and Dr Witriani (University of UIN Sunan Kalijaga). 


Press release in Indonesia: on Krjoja the 11th May 2019 (English Translation here), on Republika the 4th July 2019, on Harianaceh the 7th July 2019.

Press release in Pakistan: PID (Ministry of information, Broadcasting, and National Heritage, Government of Pakistan), Urdu Point, and Associated Press Pakistan on the 11th November 2020.

Video-clip from the launch of the bilingual data-base of case law for Pakistan, convened by Law and Justice Commission Pakistan, presided by Justice Gulzar Ahmed, Senior Puisne Judge Supreme Court Pakistan,  11 november 2019, Islamabad.

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