Gender sensitisation for judicial education in Pakistan and Indonesia

Prof. Dr Livia Holden leads a project funded by Global Challenges Research Funds, UK  as a spin out of EURO-EXPERT. Research partnership in Pakistan: Law and Justice Commission Pakistan (Dr Mohammad Raheem and Mrs. Ghena e Seher),  Dr Humaira Shafi (Mufti Law & Associates), Advocate Syed Riaz. Research partnership in Indonesia: Prof. Dr Euis Nurlaelawati and Dr Witriani (University of UIN Sunan Kalijaga). 

This project was was completed in November 2019. Professor Livia Holden and EURO-EXPERT moved to Paris Nanterre on the 1st March 2020. 


This project provides accessible and culturally significant material for a gender sensitization training of judicial officers in Pakistan and Indonesia. Through two independent actions this project fosters in-depth knowledge of the jurisprudence that abides by international human rights and takes into account context significant cultural expertise in Pakistan and Indonesia.

The objectives of this project are:

1) Fostering awareness on the relationship between cultural principles and gender justice at Islamic courts;

2) Enhanced engagement by Islamic courts’ judges in promoting gender justice at a local level and in accordance of both international human rights and cultural principles;

The outputs of this project are:

1) an Open access platform with bilingual case law (Urdu-English) for judicial training.

This database is a branch of CULTEXP and provides access to Pakistani gender rights case law in English and Urdu. It provides human-made English and Urdu summaries and judgements and the additional function of machine translation in 103 languages. This database is endorsed by the Law and Justice Commission Pakistan. 

2) a compendium of best decisions by Indonesian Islamic courts that apply cultural expertise in conformity with international women's rights.
This is a colleted volume edited by Livia Holden and Euis Nurlaelawati which includes essays co-authored by judges of Islamic courts and scholars of Islamic law and sociology in Indonesia. This volume collects cases that are reputed important by the Indonesian family law judiciary for setting an example of how Islamic law can harmonize with local customs and international human rights. This volume is endorsed by the Religious Courts Division of the Supreme Court of Indonesia. 





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