The University operates a Relocation Scheme that may be available to new staff, depending upon circumstances and their eligibility.  Details of the scheme should be obtained from the University website here

For Associate, Full and Statutory Professors, the Law Faculty sets an upper limit of £8k for personal relocation e.g. travel, removal company charges, legal fees associated with conveyancing.  This is also the upper limit of expenditure which can be reimbursed tax-free under HMRC rules. Claims above this amount will only be reimbursed in exceptional circumstances, subject to discussion with the Faculty and with the agreement of the college that will be sharing the cost with the Faculty.  It will also be possible to claim reimbursement for the office move, which may be claimed in addition to the £8k if this sum is used in full for the personal relocation. Office relocation only can be arranged directly with the Faculty rather than through the Uinveristy relocation office but please remember that the usual proceedure for purchasing goods and services must be followed.   By agreement with the College, the relocation costs will be divided between the College and the Faculty pro rata to the salary split for joint appointments.

For other academic internally-funded posts, the Law Faculty will normally reimburse the cost of a single economy journey to Oxford at the start of the appointment.  Subject to approval of a quotation, the Faculty will also reimburse the cost of an office move, if required, but other relocation costs are not normally reimbursed.  The Faculty will normally waive the rule that relocation costs must be repaid to the University pro rata to the length of appointment if less than three years.

For externally-funded posts, all relocation costs will be limited to the funds available in the grant.

Staff wishing to take advantage of the scheme will need to complete the application form, which should be requested from the Head of Administration and Finance.