The on-line system now asks for the name of a supervisor.  For graduate students this must be the main supervisor named on GSS; for research staff this should be either the PI, supervisor or centre director, as applicable; and for undergraduates on their year abroad this will be Jenny Dix, the IECL Administrator.  The supervisor will be sent a system-generated e-mail asking them to approve the travel, before the application then comes back to the Faculty Office to be processed as normal. 

The University has a block travel insurance policy which will provide cover to students and University staff travelling on University business.  All travel insurance applications are made through an online application process: once submitted, applications are automatically routed for departmental authorisation.  If you do not wish to apply for University travel insurance, the system can also be used to register travel details so that in the event of any crisis the University can provide support. The University will not reimburse the cost incurred by individuals if they chose to take out therir own, alternative insurance.

Insurance cover will only be effective if the application has been approved by the Faculty Office prior to the date of outward travel. If insurance applications are not received prior to travel, staff will not be insured and will be personally liable for the costs of any loss, injury or delay which occurs while they are abroad.  If booking flights, it is recommended that you apply for insurance at the time you make the booking and in all cases at least two weeks before the proposed date of travel to allow time for the application to be processed and approved.

The application process can be accessed at the following site, or through the University travel insurance website . The online application replaces the previous paper application form which should no longer be used. The online system requires the same traveller and trip information to be input and the same supporting documentation to be attached by file upload where applicable e.g. travel/fieldwork risk assessment. Once input your personal traveller details will be stored and need only be reviewed /amended as necessary for future applications.

For additional information please contact Jackie Hall in the first instance (

Except in certain circumstances, a Risk Assessment template must be completed prior to submitting an on-line application for travel insurance, and a new template has been developed to accommodate this change in process.  A risk assessment must be undertaken in all cases, though it is not always necessary to complete the full Travel and Fieldwork Risk Assessment template.  Where travel includes any destination which is the subject of a Foreign and Commonwealth Office warning then referral will be needed to the insurers and the template must be submitted at least six weeks prior to planned departure in order for the faculty to ensure that insurance cover can be obtained.  In all cases the Dean or her authorised deputy must authorise travel requests.


The University’s policy will cover reasonable personal time (e.g. weekends off at the end of a full working week), but if you have considerable personal time booked then you are advised to arrange your own cover for that period.  To be eligible for insurance, staff and students must be travelling on business for the University of Oxford, and must be members of staff or students in the Faculty of Law.  Any queries about this should be forwarded to Jackie Hall in the first instance.

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