Process and guidance notes

Anyone undertaking any fieldwork must complete the latest version of the Travel and Fieldwork Risk Assessment template (current version dated March 2022) downladed from this page (see Related Content), and attach it to their on-line Travel and Fieldwork Insurance application and/or Ethics Approval application, as applicable.

Academic postholders: must complete the whole risk assessment if they are undertaking fieldwork, but need not complete it for low risk travel, because low level risk is managed through the online insurance system. 

Students and researchers: must always complete the first stage of the risk assessment for all travel, and must complete the whole risk assessment for fieldwork and/or medium or high risk travel, and in all cases this must be signed by their PI or Supervisor. 


  1. Please read the latest University safety guidance before you plan your trip and allow four weeks for the approval of your fieldwork risk assessments and travel insurance application (nb this takes significantly longer if a new CUREC application is required).
  2. Complete the up-to-date template for Fieldwork and Travel Risk Assessment
  3. Students/postdocs, ask your PI or supervisor to approve both risk assessments and add a note explaining why this activity is exceptional in nature and essential in its purpose, where alternative approaches have been exhausted.
  4. Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies students - please ask your Centre Administrators to gather Risk Assessments, CUREC paperwork, and supervisor's comments and (if required) send them to the Safety Office for comments.  All other students, please send to Jackie Hall, who will obtain Safety Office approval if required.
  5. The risk assessments will then be referred to the Head of Administration and Finance and/or the Associate Dean for Research for Faculty approval.
  6. Please then apply online for your travel insurance.  Your approved risk assessment, CUREC approval (if required), and additional Safety Office advice if applicable, must then be attached to an on-line travel insurance application. 

Fieldwork risk assessments to support CUREC applications should have Faculty approval before the CUREC application is submitted. 

General Information

The Social Sciences Division website has a useful section on their microsite for staff and students, giving information and links about fieldwork, including advice on ethics approval and risk assessments.  They have also issued various documents for supervisors and those undertaking fieldwork (the links take you to documents on the Division's website):

Check sheet for fieldwork supervisors / Practical guidance for fieldwork supervisors on Health and Safety and Risk Assessment

Safe interviewing guidelines

Vicarious trauma fact sheet

Fieldwork experiences case studies (this links to videos on the Social Sciences Division intranet)

Accident and incident reporting

Should it be needed, all staff and students can access the University accident and incident reporting system, IRIS (Incident Reporting and Investigation) from anywhere in the world, on any device (SSO not required).  This system immediately notifies the Faculty, the University Safety Office and your college (if applicable). 

When reporting, you should select 'Law Faculty' (i.e. not a centre or institute) so it is assigned correctly.  Then, under building/location, you should chose one of the non-university options, depending on where you are ('Non-University-Overseas' or 'Non-University-UK').