If you intend to travel on University business, please allow plenty of notice. 

Please note that all travel to destinations to which the FCO currently advise against all but essential travel must be reviewed by the central Safety Office, otherwise insurance will be invalid.  

A separate COVID-19 risk assessment will be required in all cases.  


Guidance on what constitutes low, medium and high risk for travel and fieldwork:

Low Risk

The health and safety risks associated with the location of your travel and nature of your activity is low. This risk would equate to daytime meetings in a profesional setting in Oxford. For example, lecturing, attending conferences, visiting colleagues, high level meetings or desk based research in the UK, Northern America or the European Union. In addition, the TravelHealthPro website should not recommend specific vaccinations for the area(s) you are visiting, nor state a risk of malaria.

Medium Risk

You consider there to be additional risks associated with the location/country of travel and/or the activities you will be undertaking. For example, examining data in an established field centre, or interviewing participants in a country the FCO does not advise against travel to.

High Risk

There are warnings against travel (either against all travel or all but essential travel) to the area(s) you intend to visit. These warnings may apply to a whole country or regions with a country; and/or

You will be undertaking a high risk activity (for example diving; interviewing members of armed groups; working with dangerous animals/ highly infectious or dangerous materials, in extreme terrains/ remote locations or on a highly charged or controversial subject which might put you at significant risk); and/or

Your own governement advises against its citizens travelling to the region you intend to visit

Where the FCO advises against travel to the region(s) you intend to travel this risk assessment must have been reviewed by the Safety Office and approved by your Head of Department/Faculty/School. Any relevant associated correspondence should also be uploaded, in particular correspondence with the Safety Office.