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Cameroon Conflict Research Group

A research group which investigates the ongoing conflict in the anglophone regions of Cameroon.

The Oxford University Disability Law and Policy Project

One in five people in the UK has a disability. Yet this important demographic is often...

Amplifying Inclusion: living disability narratives and law for the next generation

This project is run by Marie Tidball, as part of the TORCH Knowledge Exchange Fellowship scheme.
Breaking through a no entry sign

Victim communication with offenders: Expectations and experiences of psychological change

a 12 month fellowship funded by the Economic and Social Research Council

Addressing the Impact of Maternal Imprisonment: Developing Collaborative Training: 'Safeguarding Children when Sentencing Mothers'

The project was run in 2017/2018 by Dr Shona Minson with Dr Rachel Condry as the named faculty...
mother and child by the sea

A study of the effects of prisoner re-entry on children and their caregivers in England and Wales

This British Academy funded postdoctoral research undertaken by Dr Shona Minson focuses on the...
child obscured by opaque door

The impact of COVID-19 prison lockdowns on children with a parent in prison

In March 2020 prisons in the UK became subject to a restricted regime with no social visits allowed...
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Risk and Needs: Examining Assessment and Planning Frameworks in Youth Justice Interventions

The Economic and Social Research Council funded postdoctoral research undertaken by Dr Jasmina...
Rome's Detention Centre

Making Gender Visible: An Intersectional Exploration of Immigration Detention in the UK, Italy, and Portugal.

A 2 year project led by Dr Francesca Esposito, funded by the Newton Fund through the British...
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Advancing the Impact of Victim Participation at the International Criminal Court: Developing Avenues for Collaboration

research by Rudina Jasini and Carolyn Hoyle, funded by the ESRC Impact Acceleration Acccount (2)