All Souls Seminar Series - Upcoming

Hilary Term 2022-23

The All Souls Seminars occur every two weeks during term. They are a vital part of the Centre’s intellectual culture and an opportunity for staff and students to engage first hand with new work from the best criminologists from around the world. Since the pandemic we have been recording most of the presentations and making them available on YouTube; where possible we also invite alumni and members of the public to attend either in person or online.  Please see below a link to this term's series. You will also find links to recent recordings.

Week 1, January 19th 2023: Dr Luis Eslava, University of Kent - ‘Our Broken-Windows World’: New Poverty, Law and the Political Economy of Global Dis/Order

Week 3, February 2nd 2023: Prof. Maartje van der Woude, University of Leiden - ‘Discovering and Uncovering the Crimmigration Control Apparatus from Within’

Week 5, February 16th 2023: Dr Richard Martin, LSE – ‘When law does change policing: the curious case of pre-charge bail reform’

Week 7, March 2nd 2023: Dr Arushi Garg, University of Cambridge - ‘Rape and Criminal Justice: A Postcolonial Feminist Analysis’

See here for full details of events.

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