Anu Adebogun, DPhil Criminology 

Thesis: Violence, Socio-spirituality and the Non-Ideal Victim: Exploring How Black Women of Faith Define, Negotiate and Access Justice

Douglas Brand, DPhil Criminology (Part-time)

Thesis: An examination of the approach to police reform from the perspective of serving police officers in the National Police Service of Kenya

Leah Crowder, DPhil Criminology 

Thesis: The criminalization of humanitarian aid work in border areas

Bill de la Rosa, DPhil Criminology 

Thesis: Penal Power, Immigration Enforcement, and Noncitizens

Anya Eber, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Policing the Illicit Antiquities Trade: Understanding the Role of Law Enforcement in Cultural Heritage Protection

Sophie Evekink, DPhil Criminology (Part-time) 

Thesis: Seeking 'Justice' for Victims of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

Kathryn Farrow, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Trust, Blame and Confidence in Police Organizations: A Deliberative Case Study

Gonzalo Garcia-Campo, DPhil Criminology 

Thesis: In defence of a Democratic Governance of police

Tarik Gungor

Thesis: An analysis of crime and its justiification

Lucy Harry, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Precarious pathways: The intersectional experiences of women at risk of capital punishment for drug offences in Southeast Asia

Katharine Hoeger, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Criminalizing Coercive Control: An Implementation Case Study

Amelia Inglis, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: The impact of time on the healing process of families of capital murder victims.

Rashid Ismail, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: The Effectivness of the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism in Restricting the Inpostition of the Death Penalty

Zarek Khan, DPhil Criminology (Part-time)

An English longitudinal study of men's and women's experiences of imprisonment and their resettlement into society

Elizabeth Kullmann, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Penal Power and Bordered Identity in England and Wales: Polish Prisoner Perspectives.

Astrid Lambregts, DPhil Criminology (Part-time)

Thesis: The criminal justice response to female intimate partner abusers in England and Wales

Joseph McAuley, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Masculinity, violence, and the denial of victimhood:  Understanding the construction of victimhood in gay Intimate partner violence.

Caitlyn McGeer, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Policing in the Digital Era: An Analysis of Modern Slavery

Tim Metcalfe, DPhil Criminology (Part-time)

Thesis: Chief constables, democratic legitimacy and the New Landscape of Policing

Rachel Noah, DPhil Criminology

Thesis; Punishment in the Context of Terror and Conflict: the case Palestinian Prisoners in Israel

Luiz Oliveira Dal Santo, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Mass incarceration at Global Periphery

Naida Osei: DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Police Perspectives on Sexual Violence Investigation

Lucy Pearce: DPhil Criminology 

Sentencing, Police Response: Are male and female offenders of domestic violence treated differently by the criminal justice system, should they be?

Maayan Ravid, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Border Criminologies - Ethnic conflict in light of migration through the study of asylum criminalization and legal exclusionary practices in Israel

Arthur Rizer, DPhil Criminology (Part-Time)

Thesis: Watching the Watchmen: How Do the Police View their Monopoly of Violence Over the Protected and Served?

Lucrezia Rizzelli, DPhil Criminology

Thesis; Death Penalty for Drug Crimes in Indonesia: Is It Truly a Deterrent?

Emily Ross, DPhil Criminology (part-time) 

Thesis: Gangs on the Grapevine: Understanding Bermudian Identity through Crime Talk.

Ailish Saker, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: The Experiences of Victims of Non-Recent Child Sexual Abuse in Football within the Criminal Justice System

Nicholas Santis, DPhil Criminology (part time)

Thesis:Judicial Criminology and the Practice of Punishment

Serene Singh, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Cruel and Unusual? Female Death Row Inmates in the U.S.

Samuel Singler, DPhil Criminology 

Thesis: How does the development and diffusion of surveillance and security technologies impact the global criminalization of migration?

Eva Maria Spiekermann, DPhil Criminology (part time) 

Thesis: Exploring migrants' practices of resistance at border spaces in Europe

Leila Tai, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Exploring and explaining the Australian Instinctive Synthesis model of sentencing.

Amy Taylor, DPhil Criminology (part time)

Thesis: A new model for youth justice? Exploring the theoretical principles underpinning the latest round of reforms to the youth justice system

Hallam Tuck, DPhil Criminology 

Thesis: Punishing Mobility: Citizenship, Race, and Privatization in Foreign-National Prisons in the USA

Nisha Waller, DPhil Criminology 

Thesis : 'A Joint Enterprise: Collective Punishment and Systemic Racism'. 

Elspeth Windsor, DPhil Criminology 

Thesis: The Rule of Law vs the Rule of Politics: a Comparative Study of Due Process Safeguards