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Lucia Zedner is a Senior Research Fellow in Law at All Souls College, Oxford, Professor of Criminal Justice in the Faculty of Law, and a member of the Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford. She is a Fellow of The British Academy and an Overseas Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law. She took her DPhil and held a Prize Research Fellowship at Nuffield College, Oxford. From 1989-1994, she was a Lecturer in Law at the London School of Economics and, from 1994-2016, she was a Law Fellow at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, where she became a Professor in 2005. 

She has served on the editorial boards of many journals, currently, these are Criminal Law Forum, Criminal Law ReviewPunishment and Society, Oxford Comparative Law Forum, and Oxford University Press' monograph series Clarendon Studies in Criminology. She has also served on the Research College of the Economic and Social Science Research Council; the Advisory Panel of The Leverhulme Trust; The British Academy Projects Committee and the Law Section Committee. She has held visiting fellowships at universities in Germany, Israel, America, and Australia, and is a long-standing Conjoint Professor in the Law Faculty, UNSW, Sydney where she is a regular visitor. She is also currently the Chair of the Fachbeirat (Scientific Advisory Board) of the Max Planck Institute for Study of Crime, Security and Law, Freiburg. She is serving as a Commissioner on an Independent Commission on Counter-Terrorism Law and Policy hosted by the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law (2022-2023).

Her research interests lie primarily in the fields of criminal law and criminal justice, security, counter-terrorism, immigration control, and citizenship, and she is happy to supervise students working in these areas. She has published many articles and chapters in these fields. More recent books include Security (Routledge Key Ideas in Criminology, 2009); Preventive Justice (Oxford University Press, 2014, ppb. 2015) with Andrew Ashworth; Changing Contours of Criminal Justice (Oxford University Press, 2016), edited with Mary Bosworth & Carolyn Hoyle; and Privatising Border Control: Law and the Limits of the Sovereign State (Oxford University Press, 2022), edited with Mary Bosworth. Her current research examines the state-citizen relationship to ask what grounds state authority to exercise police power over citizens and non-citizens? What protections are due to individuals against coercive state power? And in what ways is citizenship rendered conditional on compliance?




Research Interests

Criminal law and criminal justice; security and counter-terrorism; immigration and citizenship, penal theory and philosophy of criminal law

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