Lucia Zedner is a Senior Research Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford, Professor of Criminal Justice in the Faculty of Law, and a member of the Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford. She is a Fellow of The British Academy and an Overseas Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law. She took her DPhil and held a Prize Research Fellowship at Nuffield College, Oxford. From 1989-1994, she was a Lecturer in Law at the London School of Economics and Law Fellow at Corpus Christi College, Oxford from 1994-2016, becoming a Professor in 2005. 

She has served on the editorial boards of many journals, currently, these are Criminal Law Forum, Criminal Law ReviewPunishment and Society, Oxford Comparative Law Forum, and Oxford University Press' monograph series Clarendon Studies in CriminologyShe has also served on the Research College of the Economic and Social Science Research Council; the Advisory Panel of The Leverhulme Trust; The British Academy Projects Committee and Law Section Committee. She has held visiting fellowships at universities in Germany, Israel, America, and Australia, and is a long-standing Conjoint Professor in the Law Faculty, UNSW, Sydney where she is a regular visitor. She is also currently the Chair of the Fachbeirat (Scientific Advisory Board) of the Max Planck Institute for Study of Crime, Security and Law, Freiburg.

Her research interests lie primarily in the fields of criminal law and criminal justice, security, counter-terrorism, immigration control, and citizenship. She has published many articles and chapters in these areas. More recent books include Security (Routledge Key Ideas in Criminology, 2009); Preventive Justice (Oxford University Press, 2014) with Andrew Ashworth; and Changing Contours of Criminal Justice (Oxford University Press, 2016), edited with Mary Bosworth & Carolyn Hoyle. Her current research examines the state-citizen relationship to ask what grounds state authority to exercise police power over citizens and non-citizens? What protections are due to individuals against coercive state power? And in what ways is citizenship rendered conditional on compliance?




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  • L Zedner and Carl-Friedrich Stuckenberg, 'Due Process' in K Ambos, A Duff, J Roberts & T Weigend (ed), Anglo-German Dialogue on Current Issues in Criminal Law and Justice (Cambridge University Press 2020)
    ISBN: 9781108483391
  • L Zedner, 'Curtailing citizenship rights as counterterrorism' in B Goold & L Lazarus (ed), Security and Human Rights (Hart Publishing 2019)
    ISBN: 978-1-84946-730-8
  • L Zedner, 'El debate sobre el Estado preventivo: aportaciones y retos doctrinales en materia de justicia preventiva' in AA Rimo & DC Bea (ed), Derecho penal preventivo, orden público y seguridad ciudadana (Thomson Reuters- Aranzadi 2019)
    ISBN: ISBN: 978-84-1309-929-3
  • Andrew Ashworth and L Zedner, 'Some Dilemmas of Indeterminate Sentences: Risk and Uncertainty, Dignity and Hope' in JW de Keijser, JV Roberts & J Ryberg (ed), Predictive Sentencing: Normative and Empirical Perspectives (Hart Publishing 2019)
    Risk-based indeterminate and whole life sentences are promoted on the grounds of protecting the public but the criteria for their imposition and the implications for individual rights are controversial. This chapter considers the state’s responsibility towards those subjected to indeterminate sentences. Should a sentencing court be expected to predict the risk presented by the offender at the time of consideration for release? Is it right to impose an indeterminate sentence simply because the court is uncertain whether the offender is dangerous? What does respect for human dignity require? Should a ‘right to hope’ be recognised and, if so, what are the implications for the structure of indeterminate sentences? The chapter explores these and related questions with reference to leading judgments of the English courts and the European Court of Human Rights.
    ISBN: 978-1-50992-141-6
  • L Zedner, 'The Hostile Border: Crimmigration, counter-terrorism or crossing the line on rights?' (2019) 22 New Criminal Law Review 318–345
    The concept of crimmigration recognizes the growing convergence of criminal law and immigration law as states seek to police migration, punish immigration offenses, and defend the boundaries of the sovereign state. Nowhere have these aims been pursued more vigorously than with respect to counter-terrorism, as states avail themselves of all legal means to target international terrorist networks and the rise of “ foreign terrorist fighters.” In the U.K., legislative hyper-activity has produced a succession of counter-terrorist statutes that mix criminal law and immigration law. Some of the most draconian of these laws target the border and those who cross it. Closer attention to the territorial border reveals a liminal zone in which police and immigration officials enjoy exceptional powers and adherence to due process is attenuated. Apparent public acceptance of the imperatives of security at the border provides some license for such intrusions but little reassurance as to their legitimacy. This article examines the security concerns that motivate the expansion of police power, and it considers the impact of recent U.K. legislation, not least the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act 2019, on core principles of legality and on rights.
    ISBN: 1933-4192
  • L Zedner and A Ashworth, 'The Rise and Restraint of the Preventive State' (2019) Annual Review of Criminology 429
    Security has always been a core function of the modern state. Yet the rise of the Preventive State captures an intensification of that role as threats to security and demands for public protection increase, prompting states to prioritize new practices of preventive criminalization, policing, and punishment. The rise of the Preventive State may promise greater security, but the costs of ever more coercive preventive laws and measures are burdensome and pose a threat to civil liberties. This review considers the drivers, multiple manifestations, and direct and collateral consequences of preventive endeavors that assess and manage risk, target hazards, and restrain or detain those deemed dangerous. It also explores their ramifications for criminology and criminal justice. It concludes by considering the potential of criminology to join cross-disciplinary efforts to articulate a new jurisprudence of security and to elaborate principles of preventive justice with which to restrain the excesses of the Preventive State.
  • J Simon and L Zedner, 'Countering Terrorism at the Limits of Criminal Liability' in M Dyson & B Vogel (ed), The Limits of Criminal Law (Intersentia 2018)
    ISBN: ISBN-10: 9781780686615
  • L Zedner, 'Counterterrorism on Campus' (2018) 68 University of Toronto Law Journal 545
    The threat of terrorism and risks of radicalization pervade modern life. Universities are no exception, especially as young people are vulnerable to recruitment by extremist groups. Nonetheless, the decision of the United Kingdom (UK) government to place universities and other educational institutions under the statutory ‘Prevent duty,’ requiring them ‘to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism,’ is controversial. This article examines the historical background to this novel development in the complex interplay of hard and soft power security strategies. It asks why universities in the UK have been co-opted as agents of counterterrorism and reflects on the implications of the Prevent duty for fundamental rights, not least freedom of speech and academic freedom. It concludes by considering whether this security obligation is consistent with the larger role of the university in a democratic society.
    ISBN: ISSN-CN-0042-0220
  • L Zedner, 'What is lost when punishment is privatised?' in T Daems and T Vander Beken (eds), Privatising punishment in Europe? (Routledge 2018)
    ISBN: 978-1-138-28417-3
  • N Lacey and L Zedner, 'Criminalization: historical, legal and criminological perspectives' in S Maruna, A Liebling, & L McAra (ed), The Oxford Handbook of Criminology 6th edition (Oxford University Press 2017)
    ISBN: 9780198719441
  • L Zedner, 'Security against arbitrary government in criminal justice' in P Asp, A du Bois Pedain and M Ulväng (eds), Criminal Law and the Authority of the State (Hart Publishing 2017)
    ISBN: 9781509905133
  • L Zedner, 'Taking the preventive justice project forward' in T Tulich, R Ananian-Welsh, S Bronitt & S Murray (ed), Regulating Preventive Justice: Principle, Policy and Paradox (Routledge 2017)
    ISBN: 978-1138658189
  • L Zedner, 'Why blanket surveillance is no security blanket: data retention in the UK after the European Data Retention Directive' in R Miller (ed), Privacy and Power: A Transatlantic Dialogue in the Shadow of the NSA-Affair (Oxford University Press 2017)
    ISBN: 9781316658888
  • M Bosworth, C Hoyle and L Zedner (eds), Changing Contours of Criminal Justice (Oxford University Press 2016)
    ISBN: 9780198783237
  • L Zedner, 'Criminal justice in the service of security' in M Bosworth, C Hoyle & L Zedner (ed), Changing Contours of Criminal Justice (Oxford University Press 2016)
    ISBN: 9780198783237
  • L Zedner, M Bosworth and C Hoyle, 'Mapping the contours of criminal justice' in M Bosworth, C Hoyle & L Zedner (ed), Changing Contours of Criminal Justice (Oxford University Press 2016)
    ISBN: 9780198783237
  • L Zedner, 'Penal Subversions: when is a punishment not a punishment, who decides, and on what grounds?' (2016) 20 Theoretical Criminology 3
  • L Zedner, 'Preventive Justice and the Rule of Law' in J McKenna and A-A Boylan (eds), Queensland Legal Yearbook 2014 (SCLQ 2016)
  • A Ashworth and L Zedner, Preventive Justice (2014)
    ISBN: 978-0-19-871252-7
  • Andrew Ashworth and L Zedner, 'Punishment Paradigms and the Role of the Preventive State' in A Simester, U Neumann, & A du Bois Pedain (ed), Liberal Criminal Theory (2014)
    ISBN: ISBN 978-1-84946-514
  • L Zedner, 'Terrorizing Criminal Law' (2014) 8 Criminal Law and Philosophy 99
  • L Zedner, 'Is the Criminal Law is only for Citizens? A Problem at the Borders of Punishment' in K Franko Aas & M Bosworth (ed), The Borders of Punishment: Migration, Citizenship, and Social Exclusion (Oxford University Press 2013)
  • A Ashworth, L Zedner and P Tomlin (eds), Prevention and the Limits of the Criminal Law (Oxford University Press 2013)
    Edited volume of essays by leading criminal lawyers, political theorists and philosophers on criminalization for the purposes of preventing harmful wrongdoing.
  • L Zedner, 'Erring on the side of safety: Risk assessment, expert knowledge, and the criminal court' in I Dennis & GR Sullivan (ed), Seeking Security: Pre-empting the Commission of Criminal Harms (Hart Publishing 2012)
    ISBN: 9781849461665
  • A Ashworth and L Zedner, 'Prevention and Criminalization: Justifications and Limits' (2012) 15 New Criminal Law Review 542
    ISBN: 1933-4192
  • L Zedner and J Roberts (eds), Principles and Values in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice: Essays in Honour of Andrew Ashworth (Oxford University Press 2012)
    Festschrift or collection of essays in honour of Professor Andrew Ashworth, Vinerian Chair of English Law, University of Oxford, with a substantial Introductory Essay by the Editors.
    ISBN: 978-0-19-969679-6
  • L Zedner, 'Risiko, Sicherheit und Terrorismus: Drei Konzepte auf der Suche nach einer akademishen Disziplin' (2012) 10 Kriminiologisches Journal 30
    ISBN: 0341-1966
  • N Lacey and L Zedner, 'The Legal Construction of Crime' in M Maguire, R Morgan & R Reiner (ed), The Oxford Handbook of Criminology (Oxford University Press 2012)
    ISBN: 978-0-19-959027-8
  • L Zedner, 'Putting Crime back on the Criminological Agenda' in M Bosworth & C Hoyle (ed), What is Criminology? (Oxford University Press 2011)
    ISBN: 978-0-19-957182-6
  • A Ashworth and L Zedner, 'Just Prevention: preventive rationales and the limits of the criminal law' in RA Duff & S Green (ed), Philosophical Foundations of the Criminal Law (Oxford University Press 2011)
    ISBN: 978-0-19-955915-2
  • L Zedner, 'Terrorism and Counterterrorism: What is at Risk?' in L Skinns, M Scott & T Cox (ed), Risk (Cambridge University Press 2011)
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  • L Zedner, 'Security, the State, and the Citizen: The Changing Architecture of Crime Control' (2010) 13 New Criminal Law Review 379–403
    ISBN: 1933-4192
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    Authoritative overview of the literature and research on victims and their role in the criminal process for the key criminological textbook in the field.
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    Edited volume of leading articles in the field selected and introduced by us.
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    This article examines attempts to regulate the growing private security market drawing on the literatures of economic analysis of law and regulation.
    ISBN: 1748-8958
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    ISBN: 0-19-920840-9
  • L Zedner, 'Policing before and after the Police: the historical antecedents of contemporary crime control' (2006) 46 British Journal of Criminology 78
    Pre-published since early 2005 on Oxford University Website. Print version should appear early 2006.Compares current developments in the privatisation of security with 18thC markets in policing and prosecution.
    ISBN: 0007-0955
  • L Zedner, 'Punishment and the Plurality of Privacy Interests' in E Claes and A Duff (eds), Privacy and the Criminal Law (2006)
    Questions the status of privacy as a right and attempts to articulate the range of interests that arise when reference is made to privacy.
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Research Interests

Criminal law and criminal justice; security and counter-terrorism; immigration and citizenship, penal theory and philosophy of criminal law

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Criminal Justice, Migration and Citizenship, Risk, Security and Criminal Justice, Theorising Punishment, Advanced Criminal Law

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