Carolyn Hoyle

Professor of Criminology

Other affiliations

Green Templeton College

Faculty officer role(s):

Chair of Examiners: MSc in Criminology
Chair of Admissions (Criminology)


Professor Carolyn Hoyle has been at the University of Oxford Centre for Criminology since 1991 and was Centre Director from 2012 - 2017. She is Director of the Death Penalty Research Unit, based in the Centre.

She has published empirical and theoretical research on a number of criminological topics including domestic violence, policing, restorative justice, the death penalty, and wrongful convictions. Her research into applications to the Criminal Cases Review Commission concerning alleged miscarriages of justice was published by Oxford University Press in January 2019: Reasons to Doubt: Wrongful Convictions and the Criminal Cases Review Commission 

She is currently working on a range of research studies with the team at the Death Penalty Research Unit and The Death Penalty Project including research on deterrence and the death penalty for drugs in Indonesia, a project 'mapping' death row for drug offences in Southeast Asia, and research on abolitionist de facto states in Africa and the Caribbean. Her work with The Death Penalty Project in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Taiwan continues. 

She teaches courses on the MSc in Criminology & Criminal Justice on: 'Victims and Restorative Justice'; 'The Death Penalty'; and 'Academic Communication Skills' . She supervises DPhil, MPhil and MSc students on her main areas of research, but is particularly keen to work with students focused on the death penalty.