Amanda Clift-Matthews

MPhil Criminology


Amanda Clift-Matthews is a practising barrister specialising in criminal law and human rights, with a particular emphasis on capital cases and miscarriages of justice.  She was formerly in-house counsel and Legal Director of the Death Penalty Project and has represented at the appellate level individuals facing a death sentence throughout the Caribbean, Asia and Africa, including before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. She has worked with a number of international organisations including Greater Caribbean For Life, Avocaid, Project 39A, Evolve, Veritas, CPJP, ELOS Justice, ADPAN as well as with local Bar Councils and Law Commissioners in Malaysia, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Japan.  She is a co-author of “Sentencing in Capital Cases” (2018).

Now undertaking a part-time DPhil, her research interests include Singapore's approach to crime control, fundamental liberties and justice.  She is currently focusing on drug trafficking offences attracting the death penalty in Singapore. 

Research projects & programmes

Centre for Criminology