Laura Haas

DPhil Criminology

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Keble College


Laura's doctoral project explores the ramifications of military service on the actions and attitudes of prison officers. In particular, Laura is interested in the influence of deployment experiences and potentially resulting trauma or PTSD on prison officers' perception of their work environment and their relationship to prisoners and colleagues. This project is supervised by Katrin Mueller-Johnson and is funded by the Law Faculty and the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich scholarship fund.

Laura holds a BSc in Psychology from the Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin (2018) and an MSc in Legal Psychology from the Medical School Berlin (2020), which she completed with distinction. Additionally, she completed the MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Oxford (2021).

During her prior studies, Laura interned at two psychiatric hospitals with a focus on personality disorders and depression. She also worked at Kind im Zentrum, an organisation that offers counseling and therapy services for victims of child sexual abuse as well as those who offended themselves. In addition, Laura worked as a Research Assistant for Julian Roberts and Laura Hoyano on a project with the Criminal Bar Association. Currently, she conducts data analysis for the Sentencing Academy.

Research Interests

Prisons, prison staff, military, deployment, PTSD, trauma, sex offenders, paedophilia

Research projects & programmes

Centre for Criminology