Rachel Condry

Professor of Criminology

Other affiliations

St Hilda's College


Rachel Condry is Professor of Criminology in the Centre for Criminology and Fellow of St Hilda's College. She has previously been a lecturer and British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the London School of Economics and a lecturer in criminology at the University of Surrey. Her work focuses broadly on the intersections between crime and the family, which has included research projects on the families of serious offenders, prisoners’ families, parenting in youth justice, and filial violence. Rachel currently directs the Filial Violence Project and the Global Prisoners Families Group. 

Rachel is co-investigator on the Excluded Lives study based in the Department of Education which aims to advance a multi-disciplinary understanding of the political economies of school exclusion. Her focus is on the intersections of school exclusion and youth offending. 

Rachel edits the book series Routledge Studies in Crime, Justice and the Family. She is an editor of the Howard Journal of Crime and Justice and editorial board member of the Journal of Criminology.

She teaches courses on the MSc in Criminology & Criminal Justice on Criminological Theories, Crime and the Family, and Youth Justice. She supervises DPhil, MPhil, and MSc students on her main ares of research, and is particuarly keen to work with students on topics related to crime and the family, and youth justice.