Leila is a Research Associate at the Centre for Criminology, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford and a Lecturer in Law at Queen Mary University of London. Previously, she was a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Criminology at Oxford and she is now continuing her BA fellowship at Queen Mary. Her postdoctoral research examines the interplay between terrorism, counter-terrorism and gender through a comparative case study of the United Kingdom, Kenya and Lebanon. Before starting her postdoctoral research, she worked as social stability adviser at UNDP in Lebanon. In this capacity she conceptualized, secured funding for and managed an Innovation Project ‘Speak your Mind to Prevent Conflict in Lebanon’, a whatsapp-based survey of Syrian refugees and Lebanese host communities to better understand local conflict dynamics and needs. In December 2016, she finished her doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford which explored the interpretation, use and practice of ‘justice for victims’ and ‘gender justice’ at the International Criminal Court. In addition to her research, Leila was the Convenor of the Oxford Transitional Justice Research (OTJR) network and worked for the International Criminal Court. Her teaching interests include international criminal justice, restorative justice, security and terrorism studies, gender studies and victimology.

For more information about her British Academy Postdoctoral Project, 'Mind the Gap: Exploring the Interplay between Gender, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism', please visit the project's website.

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Research Interests

Transitional Justice, International Criminal Justice, Criminology, Victimology, Human Rights, International Relations, Law and Society, Global Civil Society