Luiz is a DPhil candidate in Criminology, looking at differences in the causal determinants of mass incarceration in core and peripheral countries, focusing on Brazil, Britain and the USA. His research is supervised by Professor Ian Loader.

Prior to commencing his DPhil, Luiz worked as a lawyer in Brazil, having majored in Law at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University (Brazil). He then completed graduate courses in Criminal Law at the University of Coimbra (Portugal) and Criminology at the University of São Paulo (Brazil) and National University of Litoral (Argentina). Luiz also holds an MA in Critical Criminology and Social Security from the Universities of Padua and Bologna (Italy).

Luiz is currently a Graduate Teaching Facilitator at the Oxford Centre for Criminology. He has also been invited to teach criminological themes, such as police killings, mass incarceration and the punitive turn, at the Curso Popular de Formação de Defensoras e Defensores Públicos. In addition, Luiz is a peer reviewer of the International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, and Revista Brasileira de Ciências Criminais. He has published papers on punishment, penal populism, prison, policing, racism and criminal justice, Southern Criminology, and Criminal Law. His work has been published in English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

Luiz is a member of the British Society of Criminology, the European Society of Criminology, and the European Group for the Study of Deviance & Social Control.

His main research interest is the sociology of punishment and his broader interests include the political economy of punishment, punishment and democracy, Southern Criminology and judicial discretion in sentencing.


Featured publications

Presentation/Conference contribution (5)

Id: 12248
L P Dal Santo, Beyond penal populism: when too little – not too much – democracy leads to mass incarceration, paper presented at Convegno Giustizia e legalità alla prova delle disuguaglianze, Rome, 23 Jan 2020
Id: 11633
L P Dal Santo, Inequality, punishment and discipline at the Global Periphery: contextualizing criminological knowledge beyond developed countries, paper presented at International Workshop “Inequality and penality: Explorations in the contemporary political economy of punishment”, Bologna, Italy, 27 June 2019
Id: 11425
L P Dal Santo, Rethinking neoliberal penality: social inclusion and mass incarceration in Brazil, paper presented at I International Seminar “Insecurity and Punitiveness in Latin America: conditions, connexions and effects”, Maceió, Brazil, 11 December 2018
Id: 11430
Dieter, Vitor and L P Dal Santo, From warehousing to the organization of crime: the Brazilian mass incarceration dilemma, paper presented at Common Study Programme on Criminal Justice and Critical Criminology, Corinth, Greece, 30th November 2017
Id: 11424

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Other (3)

L P Dal Santo, 'The punitive turn - Part I' (2019) III Curso Popular de Formação de Defensoras e Defensores Públicos, 29 January 2019
Id: 11432
L P Dal Santo, 'The punitive turn - Part II' (2019) III Curso Popular de Formação de Defensoras e Defensores Públicos, 29 January 2019
Id: 11433
L P Dal Santo, 'Police violence' (2018) III Curso Popular de Formação de Defensoras e Defensores Públicos, 3 October 2018
Id: 11431

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