Law and Finance

Contingent Convertible Bonds as a Sovereign Debt Restructuring Tool
Philine Scheer, supervised by Professor Horst Eidenmüller
Submitted in 2024

Managed Extraterritoriality - Equivalence and International Financial Stability
Roderic Kemarec, supervised by Professor Christopher Hare
Submitted in 2024

Cash, Courts, and Constitutions: Democratic Integrity in Political Finance Law
Julien Du Vergier, supervised by Professor Jacob Rowbottom
Submitted in 2023

The diminishing role of fiduciary law in discretionary portfolio management under English law
Richard James Nigel Cripps, supervised by Professor Joshua Getzler
Submitted in 2022

Reputation and Self-Regulation in Securities Markets - A Study of the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market (AIM)
Jonathan Michael Chan, supervised by Professor Luca Enriques
Submitted in 2021

Judicial discretion and contempt power: two elements of equity that would benefit the EAPO and future EU-wide provisional and protective measures
Nicolas Kyriakides, supervised by Professor Adrian Zuckerman
Submitted in 2018

Political Risk Insurance Policies and International Investment Agreements: Complementary Risk-Mitigation Tools
Rishab Gupta, supervised by Dr Martins Paparinskis
Submitted in 2017

The Institutional Structure of Macroprudential Policy in the UK: An Assessment of the Accountability Mechanisms of the Financial Policy Committee
Kosmas Ioannis Kaprinis, supervised by Professor John Armour
Submitted in 2017

All That Glitters Is Not Gold: The Re-Use of Securities Collateral As A Source Of Systemic Risk
Javier Solana, supervised by Professor Dan Awrey
Submitted in 2017

The Regulation of Mobile Money
Jonathan Greenacre, supervised by Professor John Armour
Submitted in 2016

The Quest for Accountability of Transnational Regulatory Networks: The Case of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
Andres Gonzalez-Watty, supervised by Professor Bettina Lange
Submitted in 2016

Is the European Short Selling Regulation a Justifiable Response to the Concerns Posed by Short Selling?
Elizabeth J Howell, supervised by Professor Jennifer Payne
Submitted in 2015

Towards a Nigerian Objectives Based Triple Peaks Financial Regulation
Olumide Famuyiwa, supervised by Professor Fidelis Oditah
Submitted in 2015

Transitional Strategies for Institutional Reform in Latin America
José Miguel Mendoza, supervised by Professor John Armour
Submitted in 2013

Complexity, Innovation and the Dynamics of OTC Derivatives Regulation
Daniel Awrey, supervised by Professor John Armour
Submitted in 2012

The Demise of Corporate Insolvency Law in India: The Role of the Courts
Kristen van Zwieten, supervised by Professor John Armour
Submitted in 2012

A Study of Islamic Law and English Common Law on Aspects of Islamic Finance Securitisations
Hanan Balala, supervised by Professor Fidelis Oditah
Submitted in 2010

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