Dynamic Consent

We are running a number of focus groups as part of the EnCoRe project to talk about ways that participants involved in research give consent, and whether there are opportunities to improve this process.

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We are developing a new system using a Tablet computer that would allow patients and donors to give consent electronically. We are hoping that this new system of ‘dynamic consent’ would allow participants to monitor how their tissue sample and personal information are being used and make decisions about how they can be used in the future.

The EnCoRe project’s aims are:

  • To enable business to adopt scalable, cost effective and robust consent and revocation methods for controlling the use, storing, locating and sharing of personal data.
  • To benefit individuals by providing meaningful, intuitive mechanisms which will allow them to control the use of their personal information held by others.
  • To help restore individual confidence in participating in the digital economy and so, in turn, benefit the wider society.

Jane Kaye, Harriet Teare and Michael Morrison are the Oxford researchers involved in this project.

Patient information sheet

Patient Leaflet