Death Row population

It is hoped over the coming years to conduct socio-demographic studies of prisoners sentenced to death in various Southeast Asian countries, starting with Indonesia, in order to ascertain how intersecting variables such as gender, citizenship, ethnicity, religion and other socio-economic background factors impact on people’s pathways into crime, experiences of justice and risks of being sentenced to death.

Foreign Nationals at risk of capital punishment

Carolyn Hoyle plans to conduct research on foreign nationals at risk of capital punishment across South and Southeast Asia, with three main goals in mind: to develop innovative intellectual and methodological tools to fill a significant lacuna in death penalty research by exploring the plight of foreign nationals; to build on scholarship on intersectional criminology by providing theoretical and empirical accounts of citizenship alongside other sites of disadvantage and discrimination; and to critique the efficacy of hard and soft power in national and international efforts to reduce disadvantage and discrimination among foreign nationals in the administration of capital punishment. This research will build on a 12-month pilot study of Malaysia which has established the theoretical framework for understanding disadvantage and discrimination in this setting and the feasibility of the empirical research, as well as a network of partners and collaborators who will be invaluable to the success of the research.

See: Carolyn Hoyle ‘Capital punishment at the intersections of discrimination and disadvantage: the plight of foreign nationals’ in Steiker & Steiker (eds) (2019) Comparative Capital Punishment

In 2019 Carolyn Hoyle co-authored a Briefing Paper for Harm Reduction International on The Death Penalty for Drug Offences: Foreign Nationals

Women and the death penalty

DPhil candidate, Lucy Harry is currently researching Women’s Pathways to Drug Offending in Southeast Asia. In 2019, she co-authored a Briefing Paper for Harm Reduction International on The Death Penalty for Drug Offences: The Impact on Women.