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In October 2020, Jocelyn Hutton and Carolyn Hoyle began work with a network of human rights NGOs on a mapping project of Foreign Nationals at Risk of Capital Punishment in Asia and the Middle East, funded by the ESRC.

In collaboration with HURIDOCS (an NGO that helps human rights organisations gather, organise and present data for social good) they are developing an interactive database on foreign nationals at risk of the death penalty that will record socio-demographic, jurisdictional and offence-related data as well as Country Briefing Notes and case studies from each retentionist country in these regions. Once the project is complete, the database will be made freely available by subscription to lawyers, activists, academics and relevant civil society organisations to enable them to better assist foreign nationals on death row through activism, advocacy or litigation.

The Network involved in this work includes The Death Penalty Project, Eleos Justice, Harm Reduction International, Justice Project Pakistan, Project 39a, and ADPAN. The team is currently looking for further funding to ensure that this important work can be developed across the African continent and in the Caribbean. They also hope to expand the research to map other populations at risk of the death penalty in the future.

Additional research support for the Mapping Death Row project has been provided by:

  • Ahsan Ahmad, Research Assistant. Ahsan is a Research Assosciate at the Yale School of Medicine and CERiA. His research interests include drug sentencing and prison health in Southeast Asia.
  • Chae Yun Bae, Research Assistant. Chae graduated from the MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice in 2019, and is also currently working as a researcher at the Law Institute of Kyungpook National University in Daegu, South Korea. 
  • Lucy Harry, Research Assistant. Lucy is completing her DPhil in Criminology. Her research interests include women under the death penalty and drug sentencing in Southeast Asia.
  • Lama Karamé, Research Assistant. Lama is completing her DPhil in Socio-Legal Studies. On this project she is researching the death penalty in Arab states.
  • Munazza Ebtikar, Research Assistant. Munazza is completing her DPhil in Oriental Studies. On this project she is researching the death penalty in Afghanistan and Iran.
  • Caroline Vorce, Research Intern. Caroline is an MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice student. She previously practiced as a litigation attorney in New York. Her research interests include global capital punishment and procedural safeguards for the accused, specifically in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.
  • Brian Egan, Research Intern. Brian is an MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice student from Dublin, Ireland. His research interests lie in global capital punishment, with a particular focus on the death penalty in Iran.
  • Emma Rice, Research Intern. Emma is an MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice student from Mississippi, USA. Her research interest is death penalty cases among migrant workers, specifically those in Arab Gulf countries.
  • Daniel Cullen, Research Officer. Daniel works in the Death Penalty Research Unit and is researching the death penalty across Asia and the Middle East.