Research activity in this area

Few areas of Law have escaped the disruptive effects of advanced digital and bio technologies. It is therefore not surprising that technology features so prominently in the research projects and other activities undertaken across the Faculty, from artificial intelligence and smart contracts to Big Data/data analytics, cryptocurrencies, contact tracing and Covid-19 vaccines. This work is communicated by diverse means, from books and journal articles to blog entries and podcasts, policy reports and public engagement activities, and includes some major funded research projects, such as the Bonavero Institute’s Emerging Digital Rights initiative, the Centre for Socio-Legal Study’s Programmes in Regulation and Governance and Law in a Digital World: Comparative Media Law and Policy, the HeLEX Centre’s projects on AI in HealthcareGovernance of Health Data in Cyberspace, and Biomodifying Technologies, and the interdisciplinary (Law, Economics, Computer Science, Education and Said Business School) AI and English Law project. The Faculty also hosts a Law and Technology invited speaker series, a Future of Technology and Society discussion group, and other informal meetings for the growing number of doctoral students working on different aspects of Law and Technology.


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