Other research activities of fellows

In addition to the projects associated with the Centre, each of the fellows of the Commercial Law Centre is engaged in other research activities.

Fellows of the Centre are engaged in a variety of external expert groups and law reform projects.  Each of the fellows also researches on a range of commercial law topics, and has work in progress in the form of books, journal articles and conference papers.   

The research projects associated with the Commercial Law Centre are listed separately here.  Work which has been completed is listed separately here.

Professor Louise Gullifer

Professor Hugh Beale

  • Researcher on the Secured Transactions Law Reform Project
  • Former member of the Expert Group convened by the European Commission to advise on the draft of the proposed Common European Sales Law. The proposal made in October 2011 has been withdrawn by the Commission but with a view to a new proposal in order to “fully unleash the potential of e-commerce in the digital single market". Hugh is currently working on the implications of this for the content of any revised proposal.

Professor Paul Davies

  • Member of the European Corporate Law Experts.  The ECLE is an independent and not-for profit group of fourteen company lawyers from a range EU countries dedicated to publishing policy papers on selected topics of European company law.
  • Paul has recently presented on company and banking law topics at the University of Leuven, National University of Singapore (twice) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Professor Jeffrey Wool

Dr Isabel Ruiz

  • Co-investigator of the project: The Labor Market Impacts of Forced Migration (LAMFOR) and leading two papers. (www.econforced.com)
  • Study on the impacts of crime and corruption on foreign direct investment to Latin America.  The analysis focuses on the differential impact on main sectors of the economy and in the interplay between crime and institutions, jointly with Luisa Blanco (Pepperdine University), Prof Charlie Sawyer (Texas Christian University) and Rossitza Wooster (Portland State University).
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the Hispanic Economic Outlook, a publication of the American Society of Hispanic Economists.
  • Isabel is currently working on a paper on globalization and the labour market returns to international experience (jointly with Prof Susan Pozo).

Dr Kristin van Zwieten

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