Academic Visitors

The Centre runs a programme of Academic Visitors who come to Oxford from all over the world to pursue their research.  Applications for Visiting Fellowships are welcome.  Visiting Fellowships are usually held for one term, but applications for longer or shorter periods are also possible.

Current and future Academic Visitors​​

  • Hilary term 2022: Ricardo Aprigliano, Säo Paolo

  • Trinity term 2022: Dr Federico Riganti, University of Turin

Past Academic Visitors


Uganda: Dr Winifred Tarinyeba Kiryabwire, Makerere University, Kampala


China: Du Jun, Judge of the Supreme People's Court, China; Li Xuesong, Judge of the Shenzhen Municipal Intermediate People's Court, Corporation Liquidation and Bankruptcy Tribun

Hong Kong: Dr Charles Zhen Qu, City University of Hong Kong&

Japan: Professor Hiroyasu Ishikawa, University of Tokyo Singapore: Dr Lin Lin, NUS; Dr Burton Ong, NUS; Professor Dora Neo, NUS; Professor Christian Hofmann, NUS; Dr Wee Meng Seng, NUS; Dr Sandra Booysen, NUS; Dr Dan Puchniak, NUS; Dr Umakanth Varottil,  Singapore Management 

Middle East: Judge Michal Agmon-Gonnen, District Court of Tel Aviv and Buchmann Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv


Australia: Professor Cally Jordan, Melbourne University; Dr R P Austin, University of Sydney; Associate Professor David Brown, Adelaide Law School;  Dr Ronán Feehily, University of Canterbury, New Zealand


Germany: Professor Alexander Schall, Leuphana Law School

Italy: Assistant Professor Chiara Mosca, Bocconi University; Professor Giovanni Petroboni, University of Pavia; Professor Sergio Gilotta, University of Bologna; Professor Giovanni Strampelli, Bocconi University, Milan; Professor Gaia Balp, Bocconi University, Milan; Professor Roberto Rosapepe, Univerity of Salerno; Professor Silvia Turelli and Professor Umberto Tombari, Università degli Studi di Firenze; Professor Anna Veneziano, UNIDROIT; Professor Renato Mangano, University of Palermo

Spain: Alberto Manzanares, Former Partner, Clifford Chance, Spain (Visiting Distinguished Practitioner, Harris Manchester College); Professor Luis Hernando, University of València; Professor Jorge Feliu Rey, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; Professor Teresa Rodríguez de las Heras Ballell, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

The Netherlands: Dr Ben Schuijling, Radboud University

UK: Dr Daniele D'Alvia, IALS, University of London

North America

Canada: Professor Tony Duggan, Universtiy of Toronto;

United States of America: Professor Andrea Coles-Bjerre, University of Oregon School of Law; Professor Edward Janger, Brooklyn Law School; Professor Carl Bjerre, University of Oregon School of Law; Professor Charles Mooney, University of Pennsylvania Law School; Professor Henry Gabriel, Elon University; Charles Mooney, Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School

South America

Argentina: Professor Cecilia Danesi, University of Buenos Aires & Argentinian Judicial Branch, Civil Court


Junior Academic Visitors

The Centre also runs a programme of Junior Academic Visitors who come to Oxford from all over the world to pursue their research. Further information concerning applying to the programme can be found here.

Current and future Junior Academic Visitors​​​​​​

  • Hilary term 2022: Christophe George, University of Lausanne

  • Hilary term 2022: Max Höflich, University of Frankfurt

  • Hilary term 2022: Pablo Tretow, University of Hamburg

  • Hilary term 2022: Magda Aref, University of Zurich

  • January 24 - Februrary 14: Michelle van Haren, Radboud University

Past Junior Academic Visitors

  • Michaelmas term 2021: Francesca Bichiri, University of Turin, Italy

  • Michaelmas term 2021: Ilya Kokorin, KU Leuven, The Netherlands

  • Michaelmas term 2021: Daniël Stein, Radboud University, The Netherlands

  • Michaelmas term 2019 and Hilary term 2020: Alvaro Pereira, UC Berkeley School of Law

  • Hilary term 2020: Saad Almohammed, Belfast

  • Hilary term 2020: Lukas Vossen, Frankfurt University

  • Michaelmas term 2019: Lillian Jewell von Seggern, University of Hamburg

  • Michaelmas term 2019: Dimitrios Kafteranis, University of Luxembourg

  • Michaelmas term 2019: Luca Kenel, University of Basel

  • Michaelmas term 2019: Katarzyna Parchimowicz, University of Wroclaw

  • Michaelmas term 2019: Michele Rossi, University of Bologna

  • Trinity term 2019: Sara Addamo, University of Trento, Italy

  • Trinity term 2019: Bianca Kremer, University of St Gallen, Switzerland

  • Trinity term 2019: Nadia Kreileman, Radboud University

  • June 2019: Ana Taleska, Financial Law Institiute, Ghent

  • Hilary term 2019: Maria Lucia Passador, Bocconi University, Milan

  • Hilary term 2019: Joseph Lee, Australian National University

  • 14 January - 1 February 2019: Albana Karapanço, CEU, Budapest

  • 28 January - 16 March 2019: Anabel Guntermann, Bucerius Law School, Hamburg

  • Hilary term 2019: Frederik de Leo, KU Leuven

  • 10 - 15 September 2018: Lidija Simunovic, Faculty of Law Osijek, Croatia;

  • Michaelmas term 2018: Han Gulyás, Radboud University, Nijmegen

  • Michaelmas term 2018: Lennart Reber, University of Heidelberg

  • Michaelmas term 2018: Sebastian Zeyns, University of Hamburg

  • Hilary term 2019: Frederik de Leo, KU Leuven

  • 18 April - 2 June 2018: Jochem Dousi, Radboud University,Nijmegen

  • Trinity term 2018: Blanka Batschwaroff, University of Basel

  • 16 June - 20 August 2018: Pauline Ribbers, Leiden University

  • Trinity term 2018: Tianyu Yuan, University of Heidelberg

  • Trintiy term 2018: Benedikt Straubinger, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Univesity, Bonn

  • Hilary term: Anne Mennens, Radboud University, Nijmegen

  • Hilary term: Carina Schwarz, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich

  • Hilary term: Tom Vos, KU Leuven, Belgium

  • 20 Jan - 10 Feb: Sanford U Mba, Central European University, Budapest

  • Michaelmas term: Sebastián Gamero, PhD candidate, University of Seville

  • Michaelmas term: Gina Leisten, University of Frankfurt

  • 26 Oct - 10 Nov: Suzanne Kali, Radboud University, Nijmegen

  • 19 July - 16 August: Georgi Georgiev, Sofia University

  • 24 July – 18 August 2017: Fernando Filizzola del Río, PhD candidate, CEU Escuela Internacional de Doctorado

  • Trinity term 2017: Christoph Simmchen, PhD candidate, Institute of German & European Corporate Business Law, Heidelberg

  • Trinity term 2017: Sirui Han, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Trinity term 2017: Andreas Tarde, PhD candidate, Institute of German & European Corporate Business Law, Heidelberg

  • Hilary term 2017: Julio César Betancourt, PhD candidate, University of Salamanca

  • 18 March - 1 April 2017: Haroun Rahimi, PhD candidate, University of Washington

  • 28 February - 4 April 2017: Paula del Val Talens

  • Hilary term 2017: Giulia Giordano, PhD candidate, University of Bologna

  • Hilary term 2017: Diletta Lenzi, University of Venice

  • Hilary term 2017: Marloes van de Moosdijk, PhD candidate, Radboud University, Nijmegen

  • Hilary term 2017: Laura Rodés Saldaña, PhD Candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant, School of Law, University of Leicester

  • 16 January - 3 February 2017: Michael Kanu, SJD candidate in the International Business Law program, Central European University

  • Michaelmas term 2016: Charlotte Baumanns, PhD candidate, University of Passau

  • Michaelmas term 2016: André Luís Monteiro, PhD candidate, Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo

  • Michaelmas term 2016: Andreas Tarde, PhD candidate, University of Heidelburg

  • June - August 2016: Marie-Thérèse Hoelscher, PhD student, University of Hamburg

  • June - August 2016: Maria Leura Gomez

  • Trinity term 2015 to Hilary term 2016: Toshiaki Yamanaka, Doctor of Laws Candidate, University of Tokyo

  • Trinity and Michaelmas terms 2015; Hilary term 2016: Paolo Mammola, PhD student, University of Salerno

  • Hilary and Trinity terms 2015: Dennis Roy Schwaninger, PhD student, University of Basel