Managing Publications On Your Profile Page

If you haven't yet created your profile page, then follow the instructions in the Profile Management Guidance [pdf] which can be found on the User Guides page.

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How publications get to our site

The publications listed on profile pages on the Faculty website come from Symplectic.

You should manage your own publications data on Symplectic. If you are new to Symplectic you may find it useful to visit the University's overview of Symplectic Elements, or if you are looking for a help on a particular issue, please first review the online guidance. (Each of those pages offers a link directly to the Symplectic log in page.)

For an brief overview of the system, together with notes on how to fix some of the more commonplace problems (eg, wrong dates, duplicate entries) please see the following guide, which we prepared locally:

You can log in directly from here:

If you still have problems

If you are still unable to resolve your problem, please email in the first instance, including a link to the page where the issue can be seen.

For help with other aspects of the website please email, including a link to any page where the issue(s) can be seen.

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